Some votes are still being counted and the "I Voted" stickers are just beginning to peel, but women are already celebrating their historic victories.

A woman will now be sent to Washington by all 50 states.

Vermont was the last state to have never elected a woman to Congress, but on Tuesday, the first woman and openly gay person to represent Vermont in Congress, won a seat in the House of Representatives.

The first female governors were elected in Massachusetts.

The Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University found that despite a record number of women winning races for governor, the number of female candidates fighting for seats in the House and Senate didn't reach the highs seen in the last two elections.

Women made history with their election victories.

During an election night watch event in Montgomery, Alabama, the US Republican Senate candidate for Alabama, was present.

Andi Rice is featured in the photo.

The first woman senator from Alabama is a Republican. The former CEO of the Business Council of Alabama won the open seat race to succeed her one-time boss Richard Shelby.

Huckabee is the first female governor of Arkansas. Huckabee's daughter was the first daughter in US history to serve as governor of a state.

Healey is the first openly lesbian governor of the United States. Healey is Massachusetts' first female governor. The results of Oregon's gubernatorial race are still outstanding, even though Democrat Tina Kotek could be the first openly lesbian governor in the country.

It is the first time in the history of the state that a woman and a person of the same sex have been elected to Congress. Nothing is impossible in Vermont and this nation. She wrote after her win that we are still capable of change.

The candidate for the 3rd Congressional District arrived at the park. The senator spoke in support of Ramirez and Jackson. The Tribune News Service is part of the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune News Service.

Ramirez is the first Latina elected to Congress from Illinois. When she was elected to the Illinois General Assembly in the fall of 2018, Ramirez became the first American of Mexican descent to serve there.

Kathy Hochul is the first female governor of the state. After Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned, Hochul took office.

Kaptur won her 21st term to represent Ohio in the House, making her the longest serving woman in Congress. Barbara Mikulski had a combined 40 years in the House and Senate.

Summer Lee spoke at a campaign event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The person is Quinn Glabicki.

Summer Lee is the first black woman to be elected to congress from Pennsylvania.

Both parties had historic wins in secretary of state and attorney general races.

  • Republican Leslie Rutledge, 46, is the first woman to be elected lieutenant governor of Arkansas
  • Democrat Shirley Weber, 74, is California’s first elected Black secretary of state
  • Charity Clark, 47, is the first woman to be elected attorney general of Vermont 
  • Democrat Stephanie Thomas is the first Black woman to be elected secretary of state in Connecticut 
  • Democrat Aruna Miller, 58, is the first Asian American to be elected lieutenant governor of Maryland
  • Democrat Andrea Campbell, 40 is the first Black woman to be elected attorney general of Massachusetts 

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