Some Republicans are blaming Donald Trump for the party's worse-than- expected showing in Tuesday's elections, as the former president's preferred candidates have had a mixed showing so far.

Former President Donald Trump Rallies For Marco Rubio In Florida

During a rally on November 6 in Miami, Florida, the former President made a gesture.

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Out of 39 competitive races in which Trump has endorsed candidates, his preferred politicians have won 10 of them and lost 9. There is a time difference between Wednesday and Tuesday.

The Ohio Senate race was won by Republican J.D. Vance, while the Utah Senate race was won by Republican Mike Lee.

In states that Trump narrowly lost in 2020, Trump's allies lost their elections to the Democrats.

Major races that are still outstanding include Senate and gubernatorial races in Arizona and Nevada, and the Georgia Senate race, which is expected to go to a second election.

CNN is reporting that the ex-president is livid and "screaming at everyone" after he said on Truth Social that Tuesday night was a "great evening" with an " amazing job by some really fantastic candidates".

The New York Times reported that the former president was not interested in making a speech at the event, while the Guardian reported that Trump only said it was an interesting evening.

Ahead of the election, Trump said that if the candidates he endorsed win, he should not be blamed.

Chief Critic

According to Fox News, a number of conservative commentators are blaming Trump for the party's losses. According to Sarah Matthews, election night was the biggest indicator that Donald Trump should not be the Republican nominee. He cost the Republicans winnable seats.

What To Watch For

The timing of Trump's announcement on November 15 was expected to build off the Republicans' win in the elections. Sources close to Trump told CNN that the announcement is likely to go forward because it is too embarrassing to delay. The governor of Florida won his race by a 20-point margin.

Key Background

Trump invested a lot of money in the election. In the run-up to the election, the president held a lot of rallies for candidates he supported, and a super PAC linked to the ex-president poured millions into Senate races. According to a September Morning Consult/Politico poll, more than half of Republican respondents think Trump should run again in 2024, though only 40% think he should.

The way Trump endorsements worked out in the midterms.

Billions of dollars are spent in the key Senate races by Trump-linked super PACs.

There is a red wave of optimism among Republicans.