I was a professional gardener and I couldn't keep her plants alive. There, in the mirror, my lilies sagged, my begonias were brown, and my African violets were pale. The plants resented me even though I lived by a bright window. I was too busy trimming and tidying plants outside to give my kids enough attention when I was away. It showed.

I wouldn't give up my day job or the home garden I loved puttering in on Saturdays and Sundays. I told my husband that I needed a nanny. Someone who knows a bit about gardening can come by and care for my plants. He crinkled his face. You are the plant nanny.

The man was correct. It was hard to hire someone to do the things I know how to do. With a job, three kids, four pets, and a life in general, I had little time to water, kill bugs with alcohol, and figure out lighting problems. I just thought about it. There are ten more things I need to do. It felt like ten.

I found a key piece of the puzzle after months of care. I didn't need a person to look after my plants. I needed an alternative. I started using tech for house plant maintenance. Life changed for the better. Better for the way.

A few false starts led me to discover six things that are a kind of house plant nanny kit. My plants are healthy and happy now that they are kept alive by them. I am healthy and happy as well.

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I just bought something.

The picture was taken by Johannes Mann.

If you saw an incredibly cool plant at the grocery store, paid $50 for it, and then brought it home, you have accomplished something. But what now? It is possible to use a plant identification app. The app will give you a botanical and common names if you take a photo. What is the reason for knowing so much? You will know how to keep your plant happy if you know where it grows. Light, water, soil, and food will be provided by you. You are the god of weather, so plan accordingly.