The new Gmail interface will be the standard experience for users, according to the announcement. Users were allowed to return to the original view of the interface after it was released. Users won't be able to go back to the old interface starting this month.

Users who have turned on chat will be able to see the view on the left side of the window. You can change the interface to include the apps most important to you through quick settings.

Gmail's new interface

The image is from the internet search engine, GOOGLE.

The ability to change the interface makes it easier to stay on top of what is important and reduces the need to switch between different applications. Users will no longer have the option of configuring chat on the right side of Gmail as a result of this change.

The company's decision to make its new user interface the standard experience isn't surprising, but it will likely be a frustrating change for users who prefer the old design

Gmail’s redesigned interface including Chat and Meet is now the new default