Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston (right)

It is a shame that we will never get to see what the New Orleans Saints would have looked like with JameisWinston running the offense.

When Drew Brees retired after the 2020 season, the cupboard was still full. If it wasn't for the contents of the cupboard, the Saints wouldn't have been able to win their division and host the Super Bowl champion in the playoffs.

In the year 2021, the roster was the same, and New Orleans got off to a great start with Jameis as its quarterback. He went down for the rest of the season with an injury after he averaged 10 yards per carry in the first game. The expansion of the playoffs didn't help the Saints' chances of getting a wild-card spot.

Expectations were high for the Saints this season even without Sean Payton as head coach. In New Orleans' Week 1 victory, he suffered four back injuries, but he was still solid. Even though he threw for a lot of yards, he was clearly laboring and the Saints didn't score 20 points in either game. Since Week 4, he hasn't been on the field.

It is hard for young whippersnappers who have never dealt with back pain before. A limp is caused by a knee or ankle injury. A sore back can make breathing hard. According to a report from Ian Rapoport, Odell Beckham Jr. tore his knee in the Super Bowl in Feb. According to reports, OBJ is ready to play football. Steve Kerr was unable to coach a basketball team for three months due to back surgery.

The Saints haven't won a game since Week 4 and have only two victories since. If the Saints had won against the Ravens last night, they would have made themselves serious players in the south. The offense was not effective in the loss. If not for a fourth-quarter 41-yard touchdown pass in which Marcus Peters and Chuck Clark forgot that only a referee can stop a play, the 'Aints wouldn't have been able to reach double digits.

Even without a productive offense, New Orleans was still in the game for a long time.

He averaged 8.2 yards per attempt in his last season as a starter with the Buccaneers, but he also racked up 33 touchdown, over 5,000 passing yards, and averaged 8.2 yards per attempt. He had a lot of turnover when he was a coach. The Saints are more stable. Dirk Koetter was supposed to be a quarterback whisperer for most of the time that Jameis was in the city. Koetter was the second of three head coaches that would have been hired by the Bucs. Koetter is in charge of the offense at the University of Idaho.

Dennis Allen is the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Since 2009, Pete Carmichael Jr. has held that position. It was the first time in his career that he experienced stability. No system or philosophy would change. He was going to inherit a strong roster with the Saints, but he was also going to be able to work with people who weren't in danger of losing their jobs.

The Saints need to think about drafting a quarterback who they can mold into the player they want him to be.

If he doesn't get hurt, maybe he picks up where he left off and leads the team to a division title. He might have been able to power that offense through the playoffs and even win a Super Bowl if he had defeated the Rams.

If these injuries hadn't stopped his career, it would've taken a different path. He and the Saints will end the season without a clear idea of their futures.