Trad wife TikToker Estee C. Williams
Estee C. Williams shares her life as a "trad wife" to her 33,000 followers.TikTok
  • The social platform is being used to promote a return to traditional values.

  • Many of the women have 1950s aesthetic or biblical ideology.

  • As women struggled to balance work and family life, the trend took off.

Estee C. Williams has a few ways to make her home more enjoyable. She posted a video on TikTok in June of this year with the caption "forever romanticizing my life #housewife #tradwife." She listed a few things she does that make her stay-at- home wife status more pleasurable: always wearing makeup, listening to music while

In a TikTok video, Williams self-identifies as a woman who chooses to live a more traditional life with ultra-traditional gender roles. The family of the 1950s was similar to this one in that the husband went out to work and the wife stayed home to work. Williams says that women's right to work isn't being dismantled but that women are choosing to be homemakers.

Williams, who lives in Virginia with her husband, believes that women have drifted far from their roots. The hustle culture was not something I liked. Being a wife, mom, making delicious home-cooked meals for my family, and keeping up a warm, inviting home is what really made me think.

The lifestyle Williams chose and her eagerness to showcase it on the internet is part of a larger trend of American women. A return to traditional roles as a solution to the overwork of women is offered by the trad wives. Thousands of users have incorporated some version of the term in their user name as a result of the 96 million views the #tradwoman has.

Williams believes that working outside the home is the cause of burnout for mothers. I chose to promote this lifestyle to show the fulfillment it provides.

Critics say that it promotes nostalgia and glamorization for what they say is the past but is not an American. Women who were wives in the 1950s should be contacted by current wives to find out what it was like.

Anger and dissatisfaction are pushing polarization in a post-COVID era

Women are more likely to be burned out than men because they do more domestic work than men, according to statistics. In September 2020, a record 860,000 women quit their jobs in the US compared to 200,000 men, due to the global Pandemic. Experts said it was due to women leaving their jobs to take over family health management and child rearing.

Williams sees the overwork of women as true. Taking on the double burden of work in and out of the home has been found to contribute to poor mental health for women in the workforce.

Some wives think feminism is to blame for women walking away from their roles as wives and mothers because they don't like working outside the home. Many trad wives reject feminism, claiming it has destroyed everything, according to Deborah Etienne, a researcher at Brandwatch.

The current political climate in the US has an influence on the content of a wife's life. "We can see the pendulum shifting back and forth, and a greater difference between political views while young people are emerging into adulthood and trying to figure out who they are in this crazy landscape of angry and dissatisfied people."

The loss of control may have pushed some women back into their homes. She said that when people feel like there's not a lot of control in the world, they cling to something familiar and concrete. If working outside the home is tiring for women, they might consider returning to a time when they only worked inside the home.

Janning cautions against tying the trend to one cause. Some wives want to promote old-fashioned values while others want to perpetuate white supremacist and conservative views. The wife I reached out to told me that they chose this lifestyle because it was what God commanded them. I want you to believe that Jesus Christ is the Almighty. Thank you.

That has caused a divide in the community. Madison Dastrup, who used to be identified as a trad wife, has changed her name to Madison Dastrup. She said that she no longer associates with the term.

I don't associate myself with the trad wife community because I still consider myself traditional. Extremists are going to be on every corner of the internet. The movement as a whole was taken over by the extremists.

White supremacy and rape in marriage are things Dastrup does not agree with.

What is 'work' anyway?

Making viral content and getting social media views is a legitimate career path for a lot of people. Creating content is a type of work and can be lucrative.

Janning said that social media influence is a career path. It's possible that they're not selling a product but selling a version of themselves, and their husband will get the sponsorship. Their job is to let people know they don't have a job.

While these conversations are happening online every few months, they are much smaller than the media reports suggest. It's important to remember that in the internet's grand scheme of things, this discussion is very small.

The conversation between trad wives and feminists gets at the heart of some of the most relevant issues for women in 2022.

The role of women as mothers and homemakers is determined by the way they are socialized. The gender system tells women this is a choice when it isn't. It's less of a decision than we think.

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