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The Packers have been a huge disappointment this season. His efficiency has dropped considerably from his two previous campaigns, where he won back-to-back Most Valuable Player Awards. He looks like he's finished this year.

Look at the Packers Week 9 game against the Detroit Lions, a team Rodgers has dominated throughout his career. Rodgers had thrown at least one pick up in eight games. In the first three quarters of the game, the Lions forced A-Rod into three turnovers.

Rodgers had thrown at least one touchdown in each of his 52 previous games against Detroit. Rodgers is not able to complete passes with his eyes open. The Lions aren't making it hard to move the ball down the field. Without Davante Adams, Green Bay's offense hasn't been what it used to be.

Rodgers doesn't seem to be taking accountability for the team's struggles, even though he hasn't developed chemistry with his young receivers He blames others when it's him who has fallen off. Rodgers has made a lot of bad decisions this year. He used to make a throw that looked simple, but now he doesn't hit the mark consistently.

Rodgers has averaged less than 200 passing yards per game since becoming Green Bay's full-time starter in 2008. If you think this is alarmist, look at the performance of Rodgers and the Packers against the Lions, where they scored nine points. The Lions were able to beat their rivals 15-9. Rodgers' completion rate against Detroit was his lowest of the year.

At some point, the finger needs to be pointed back at the guy who pointed out the weaknesses in Green Bay's wide receiver corps. Rodgers isn't the same quarterback he was a year ago, and part of that is the absence of Adams, but a large part of it is due to Rodgers being over the hill. It's time to look at the facts. The Packers wasted their championship chance by relying only on Rodgers' arm and not building around him.

There is still a chance for the Packers to make the playoffs but they won't win any games. Green Bay needs to quickly get this offense back on track if they want to do that. After the loss to the Lions, the Packers fell to 3-6. If Green Bay continues to play like this, they might not win any more games.