It's a big hit.


It's not the first time that Netflix has made a mistake with content greenlighting, and this time it's with a comedy called Blockbuster.

We are talking about the famous US chain of video rentals that was dismantled top to bottom when the internet arrived, first with its mail-order DVD service, then with its streaming service that instantly made in-person movie rentals all but irrelevant.

It was thought that the comedy was in bad taste and that it came off as a joke. It doesn't help that the show is an unfunny comedy.

You are not likely to see a lot of things like this in this day and age. The audience scores are a dismal 44% and the critic scores are 22%.


There are rotten tomatoes.


TV scores tend to be higher than movies, so a 22% is extremely low. I cannot find a show on the site that is less popular than the one at Blockbuster. The Terminal List is at 39% and The Watcher is at 45%. I'm looking at a list of the 100 most popular shows on every streaming service right now, and I can't find a show that's even close to the scores for Blockbuster. The Hard Cell series has a 20% score and I have been looking for it for a long time. It's on the streaming service.

What is the problem with the movie rental store? Critics explain.

The San Francisco Chronicle is a daily newspaper.

While it's too ordinary to be offensive, it's also too boring to be a clone of other superior shows.

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It's slanted.

It would spit out Blockbuster if you fed the jokes from early-2000s sitcoms into an artificial intelligence generator.

The magazine Vanity Fair.

It's no surprise that talented actors who have been so magnetic in their other projects here seem like they're operating at half speed.

If anything would make me give this series a chance, it would be Randall Park of Fresh off the Boat and WandaVision. The cast is useless.

After this debut, Blockbuster is currently at a number seven on the chart. It seems like it's an obvious casualty with these scores and no better viewing.

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