Houston Astros

Jim Crane, the owner of the Astros, wanted everyone to know that the championship wasn't affected by the cheating scandal. Crane believes that this didn't have an effect on the game. We had a good group of people. The World Series was won by us. Josh Reddick said that it wasn't necessary for the team to win. We won games on the road as well.

This argument is based on the fact that we were a good team. It was only a matter of time before we got the win. The process was sped up by the cheating.

Both Crane and Reddick said it was true. They were good enough to win the game.

The sentiment of those two statements is proof that no matter how their team has changed over the years, the sentiment of those two statements is still the same.

The organization was built well. After the cheating scandal was exposed, they reached the ALCS in the 2020 season and went on to win the World Series. They were made for the future. The Astros were going to be a contender for a long time. They had a chance to win it all in the last series.

I am very happy for the Astros of the future. I don't minimize this achievement. I have never been a fan of those who said that the Astros couldn't win without cheating. The title is no longer relevant. They've kept winning and winning. I'm very happy for the people of Houston who get their money back on their mattresses. This is not a bad moment for Houston or them. They're deserving of it. I don't know how anyone can look at this title and think that it redeems the Astros' franchise for their crimes last year.

I wish the Astros good luck. You have been doing well for a long time and deserve this title. You were a better team in the last year. You didn't have to cheat, and I don't want to bring it up five years later, but I know there are going to be people who say the title doesn't mean anything. It definitely doesn't.