Durant: Nets finding escape on court after chaotic week (1:24)

Kevin said that the players are finding solace by playing basketball. There is a time and a place for it.

11:55 PM ET

After a come-from-behind 98-94 win over the Charlotte Hornets, an expression that seemed impossible to comprehend just a few days ago appeared on the faces of Brooklyn Nets players and coaches.

The joyful scene Saturday night inside the Spectrum Center capped a week that included Nets guard Kyrie Irving defending his decision to post about a movie and book that featured antisemitic themes, and the Nets announcing that Steve Nash was out as head coach. The Nets suspended Irving for at least five games after he failed to apologize for his post during a news conference on Thursday. The Nets lost four in a row.

Brooklyn has won its second straight time. Like many within the Nets' traveling party, star forward Kevin Durant smiled proudly at the postgame podium while noting this week was likely going to be the toughest thing we deal with as a group.

KD said it was a unique experience. A lot of guys have been through a lot in this league, and a lot of them have been through a lot off the court as well. Having to lock back in and focus solely on the game, I think that we all get a little bit of solace in doing that, just playing the game of basketball, getting that camaraderie, that fellowship with your teammates.

With the Nets looking tired down the stretch, it was KD who helped lead his team back to victory. With 6:30 left in the game, the Nets were down 87-75, and Durant was brought back into the game. The Nets were able to claw their way back into the game thanks to the help of KD.

"This is probably going to be the toughest thing we deal with as a group, because there's going to be more peaks and valleys throughout the season." I think it's important to know that we can get through this.

He was asked if this was the most difficult week of his life.

We've fired coaches before and guys have gotten injured. It was a difficult week. I have been through some tough weeks before. I don't want to act like it's a normal occurrence. A lot of things happen in the NBA. There's a lot of chaos in the league. It's a six-month, seven-month season with us. There is going to be something happening.

We were able to bounce back and get two wins. We need to keep pushing. That's the problem.

The Nets' locker room felt relieved after the backlash against Irving and Nash's exit as head coach.

"I think we came together to support each other," he said. It was difficult for us. It's great to get back to the game. All the bulls go out the window when the ball is tipped.

We lost three or four games before that, so we just felt some pride and wanted to come out here and get some W's. It's good for our character, it's good for our energy, and it's good for us to fight through adversity.

The Nets are going to Dallas to play the Mavericks on Monday, looking for their third straight win in a week.

The Nets interim head coach said that it was a Brooklyn-esque fourth quarter. Guys just kept fighting after the game ended.