Protesters gathered outside the venue where Biden was speaking were labeled "idiots" by the president.

Social Security and Medicare are more than government programs. They are promises. When the time comes, things will be easier for you, according to Biden. An iron-clad commitment is what it is. Generations of Americans have believed in it.

When I was in socialism, I loved those signs. The president said to give him a break. Sometimes I say all that I mean.

Protesters held signs with slogans such as "Let's Go Brandon" and "Socialism Sucks" outside the school.

The closing message of Biden has focused on Republican threats to social security and medicare. The Inflation Reduction Act was promoted by Biden on Saturday as a way to lower drug costs for seniors.

The legislation gives Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, caps the cost of diabetes drugs at $35 a month, and limits out-of-pocket prescription costs to $2,000 a month.

The legislation was poorly named because it wouldn't meaningfully target inflation, even though Democrats tried to sell it. He decided to vote for it.

The bill will have a minimal impact on inflation according to the CBO. The average person is further behind due to inflation.

Republicans were framed by Biden as obstructionists for rejecting a bill that wouldn't achieve what it said it would do.

He said that every Democrat in congress voted for it. The Republicans voted against it. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was praised by Biden for her fight for reform.

Biden warned that the caps on prescription drug prices will be gone if the Republicans win the election. He told the crowd that he would veto it.

The provision that would make Congress reexamine federal legislation every five years was slammed by the president.

Biden said that they are coming for Social Security and Medicare. They would be put on the chopping block every five years if Rick Scott had his way.

Every five years, federal legislation ceases to exist. Congress can keep the law if it's worth keeping. We need to vote every five years. If we don't vote to keep it, it will go out of existence.

Biden said that Senator Ron Johnson was pitching an even more extreme time line. He yelled that Social Security and medicare should be on the chopping block. You have been paying for this since you were a child. These guys want to get rid of it. They don't know who they are. He told the audience that the GOP wants to repeal the health care law.

Biden urged a return to civility and decency in order to lower the political temperature before the elections. Political violence and intimidation was condemned by him.

After Nancy Pelosi's husband was attacked with a hammer by a mentally ill conspiracy theorist, he called for calm.

Biden was joined at the rally by a number of democrats

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