It's the perfect show for streaming. As soon as you look at the thumbnail, you notice the scruffy and brooding David Tennant. If you click for more information, you will see that the Doctor Who star is teaming up with the Italian American Stanley Tucci.

The promise of sex appeal alone made me play for it. The theme song was about God and damnation. It was like that. I didn't know I was watching a show. It's too late. I couldn't see anything until the trap was done.

What's Inside Man about? 

David Tennant and Dolly Wells in

Credit: Netflix

Inside Man is an original creation by the man who reinvented stories like The Time Traveler's Wife and Doctor Who. A new anti-hero called Jefferson Grieff, who is awaiting execution for the brutal murder of his wife and is also known as the Death Row Detective, is spun over four hours by the writer.

Tucci plays an evil genius who is an expert on understanding the dark side of human nature because of his past as a criminology professor. In a high-security prison's meeting room, he'll sit placidly as a flustered senator, a grieving family, and a suspicious journalist talk about their stories. Sometimes he'll help them, coolly, calmly, and clearly relish the power he is able to wield, even while chained to a desk.

Inside Man keeps cutting away from Grieff and his chipper but unnerving sidekick, a cellmate that sounds like Ed Gein's, to Harry Watling, a vicar who lives a quiet life. While Grieff is questioning a prospective client, Harry chats with his wife and jokes with the math tutor about his son.

Moffat gives texture to the Watlings' lives with slightly salty jokes, from parent to child and priest. He was happy when someone called Harry a "dark vicar" for a joke. "I will have that!" Harry chuckled.

Inside Man feels exciting due to the irreverence of this setting. The characters that are created by Moffat's wit are playfully prickly. It's too clever to feel real. They are fascinatingly flawed.

The English family's story may collide with the American wife- killer. "Everyone's a murderer, all it takes is a good reason and a bad day" is the warning Hercule Poirot gives to anyone who listens.

Inside Man gives us another anti-hero we are dared to hate. But can we? 

Stanley Tucci in

Stirred, not shaken. Or is it the other way around? Credit: Netflix

Stanley Tucci is being cast as a killer. He did it before in The Lovely Bones He was leaning towards the killer in that tear jerker. He is sexy and sophisticated in this location.

Despite the prison uniform and gruesome content of Inside Man, his Grieff is always ready to go to a lounge and drink. I think he's a lady-killer as well. Each time you are about to fall in love with him, he hits the brakes, dropping another gruesome detail about Grieff's murder. Tucci, with his crooked smile and smooth vermouth voice, plays with our affections even as he speaks about his murder.

The effect of this reminded me of You or BoJack Horseman, shows with male anti-heroes who are as villainous as they are charismatic. Despite our best judgement, we're still attracted to these bad men and their stories even though we know they're not real. The writing of Inside Man plays with our expectations by never having Grieff ask for sympathy or empathy and he approves of people who are hostile towards him. As Tucci plays our all-knowing, smirking guide through how an average person can become an infamous murderer, the butterier appeal lies on his tongue.

David Tennant as a dark vicar is a must-see. 

David Tennant as a dark vicar in

Credit: Netflix

It is possible to pull together incredible casts with the help of big money and creativity. Movies like Red Notice or Spiderhead can be messy. Sometimes it's the placement of some of the UK's best actors. There is a person named Kate Dickie. Stanley Tucci conjured Dolly Wells. They're both willing gravitas as if they've got titanium, so I'm going to leave it at that. The wild card is the man.

On Doctor Who, the Scottish actor played a lover and a fighter, spinning from playful to mournful to furious depending on the monster of the week. He was a Vegas buffoon, a good-hearted devil, and one of the scariest villains of all time in the movies. There's no way to know what's in store when he shows up with a priest's collar.

He didn't meet a light or darkness that he couldn't handle. The unpredictable nature of his films adds to the anticipation. Will Harry Watling be this person? Will we see him cry or roar? His performance will grab us by the throat and make us gasp.

Inside Man is addictive, if not entirely satisfying. 

Audiences may be drawn to Inside Man due to a riveting hook and cast. They could keep watching because of his skill for crafting crackling dialogue and captivating characters. Tucci's smile or Tennant's stare might be enough to convince you to return. At the end of the episodes, there is a stinging cliffhanger. Those who watched the English series on its original run can only watch one at a time. I stayed up late into the night so I could get answers. I need to know what happened next.

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loose twists that are delicious in their plot are allowed in the third act. The mundane elements of a family's life puncture criminal plots in unexpected ways. He leaned too hard into the comedy of what happens when a harried mom is murdered. Dead to Me and the Santa Clarita Diet are two shows that explore this terrain well. The company of the Death Row Detective does not like the broadness of these bits. There is a wobble in the final act.

There's a warning now. Inside Man has a lot to offer.

The core case is closed in four episodes. Questions about the anti-hero's past are set up in the first season. You will crave more even as you enjoy the thrill of seeing these seemingly disparate threads knit together into a twisted and thrilling tapestry of love and murder. It's frustrating that Inside Man ends so soon. It's perfect for us to come back for more.

Inside Man is available on the internet.