The ground at the world's largest active volcano is shaking and swelling, which indicates that it could erupt. People on the Big Island of Hawaii are being told to be prepared in case it erupts soon. There are some things to know about the volcano

There is a question about the location of Mauna Loan.

The southernmost island in the Hawaiian archipelago is the Big Island of Hawaii. Half of the island's land mass is made up of it, and it's not the tallest.

It is close to the summit crater of the Kilauea volcano. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and rivers of lava spread across farms and into the ocean when the Kilauea volcano erupted in June of last year.

Thirty-eight years ago, the last eruption of Mauna loa. It has erupted 33 times in history.

Coffee farms and beach resorts can be found on the Big Island. Honolulu and the beach resort Waikiki are both located south of it.

Is there a chance that Muna Loan will be restructured like KalaUEA?

It is taller than Kilauea, which makes it different from the others. It's higher altitude allows lava to rush down its hillsides quicker than Kilauea's.

It's large size may lead to larger lava flows when an eruption occurs.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, which is part of the U.S. Geological Survey, has data that shows that Mauna loa has more lava than Kilauea.

There is a question as to where the money will come from.

The eruption will not be known by scientists until it begins. The summits have been the starting point for every eruption since 1843. The volcano began to erupt from lower altitudes. Half of the time it erupted in the caldera.

It's not possible for scientists to tell when and where the new vents will open.

There are usually vent forms along the volcano's rift zone. That's where the mountain is splitting apart, the rock is weak, and it's easy for magma to emerge.

The west side of the island could be affected by an eruption from the southwest rift zone. It is possible for lava to reach homes in hours or days.

The most populous town on the west side is protected from any eruption by another volcano. Any lava heading toward the coastal community would be blocked by the wide flanks of that volcano.

There is a chance that lava could reach the county seat of Hilo or other towns in East Hawaii. It could take weeks or months to reach populated areas.

There is no pattern when it comes to where an eruption will occur.

He said that even though the last one was on the northeast rift zone, the next one won't be there.

Similar to Mount St. John, will Muna Loan explode like it? Are you talking about Helens?

The eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington state in 1980 claimed the lives of 57 people. There was steam, rocks and volcanic gas in the air. The volcanic ash rained down as far away as 400 kilometers away.

Hawaii volcanoes don't have explosions like this.

Hannah Dietterich, a research seismologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Alaska volcano observatory, said that the magma is hotter, drier and more fluid.

It is more likely to explode when it rises because the magma is stickier and traps more gases.

When Hawaii's volcanoes erupt, lava flows down the side of their mountains because the gas in the magma escapes.

The shape of a warrior's shield is what makes Hawaii's volcanoes a shield volcano.

In addition to California and Idaho, shield volcanos are found in other places. The Wrangell-St. is located in Alaska. Mount Wrangell is a shield volcano in the park.

A volcano like Mount St. The slopes are built by the eruption of lava flows. Mount Fuji is one of the examples of a volcano.

How do scientists figure out how to make mangos?

The location and amount of magma are estimated by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory through the use of more than 60 gps stations on the mountain.

Scientists use tiltmeters to track long-term changes in the ground's tilt. When an eruption will occur, a rapid change in tilt can be used.

There is a thermal camera at the summit that can detect heat. Ground swelling and deflation can be tracked by satellite radar.

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Mark Thiessen is an Associated Press writer.