Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving (11) dribbles against the Chicago Bulls during the second half of an NBA basketball game Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Jessie Alcheh)AP Photo/Jessie Alcheh

Irving was suspended for five games by the Brooklyn Nets for promoting an antisemitic film on his social media accounts.

The team said it has tried to help Irving understand the harm and danger of his words. When given the chance to speak to the media, he refused to say he has no antisemitic beliefs.

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Statement from the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn emphasizes that Irving didn't apologize or make clear he wasn't antisemitic during a media session Thursday.

The guard was asked if he held antisemitic beliefs, but he didn't give a definitive answer.

He said this is not going to turn into a cycle of questions upon questions because he doesn't know how the label becomes justified. I told you how I was feeling. I embrace every walk of life. I sit that way.

He was asked if he was antisemitic and if he knew where he came from.

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Kyrie Irving is asked if he has any anti-Semitic beliefs:

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Kyrie Irving says he didn't mean to cause any harm in sharing a post to a film that has been described as anti-Semitic:

"I'm not the one that made the documentary"

The Nets, Irving and the Anti-Defamation League issued a joint statement Wednesday saying the team and player will each donate $500,000 in an effort to "eradicate hate and intolerance in our communities."

Irving accepted responsibility but didn't say he was sorry.

I stand with communities that are marginalized and impacted every day and oppose all forms of hatred. I am responsible for the negative impact of my post on the Jewish community. The documentary does not reflect my morals or principles. I want to learn from all walks of life and do so with an open mind and willingness to listen. My family and I want to be a beacon of truth and light, and we don't want to hurt anyone.

According to the New York Daily News, Irving sent his father and stepmother to meet with the ADL, despite not speaking with them.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver plans to meet with Irving after he posted a link to a film with antisemitic content.

The statement made it clear that Silver was disappointed that he hadn't apologized or denounced the vile and harmful content in the film he chose to promote.

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The following was released by the NBA.

Irving promoted the filmHebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America on social media.

The film suggests that modern-day Jews stole the religion and identity of the original Israelites and led to the enslavement of Africans who were brought to America.

One of the "five major falsehoods" pushed by the "Jewish controlled media" is the idea that six million Jews died in the Holocaust.

This isn't the first time Irving has missed time because of off-the-court choices, as he was out for extended periods last season because he wasn'tvaccinated against COVID-19.