Users are not happy with the changes Apple is making to the tv app. The updated design appears to be only visible to a limited group of users, but it is likely a server-side change that will eventually be rolled out to all TV app users.

There is a featured section at the top of the "Watch Now" section in the TV app. Random TV shows take up the majority of the screen, making it more difficult for users to find the content they are interested in.

"Up Next" is at the top of the "Watch Now" tab for quick access to shows and movies that are in progress or that have been put on a watch list.

There are a lot of complaints about the new design of the site from users who are unhappy with the way that featured TV shows and movies replace Up Next content. The section displays a lot of Apple TV+ shows and movies, but also shows and movies from other providers. TV users don't seem to like the idea of suggested content replacing their chosen content at the forefront of the app. There is a user on the internet that uses the word "robbery".

I don't mind the discovery aspect, which I agree is what the tv app is all about. It's highlighting this featured content above (literally and figuratively) the content that I watch on a regular basis that's annoying and intrusive. This featured content is now prominent in the tv app and it highlights shows/movies I would never have an interest in watching.

The TV+ tab in the TV app already has this design that puts content above watch lists, and it is expanding to the watch now tab as well. The previews of Up Next shows are gone when the Up Next section is chosen on the Apple TV. The interface on the Apple products is dominated by featured.

There is no way to remove the featured section from the app at the moment, and it is not clear if Apple is still tweaking the design or if this is a final look. The featured content ignores settings that prevented shows from previewing content. There doesn't seem to be a way to stop the show from playing.