According to Mark Gurman, Apple will continue to use modem chips fromQUALCOMM. It was previously thought that it would provide just a fraction of modem chips for Apple's devices.

The potential shift to Apple's own modem chips was signaled by the fact that Qualcomm said it would supply 20% of Apple's modem chips in 2023. It does not appear that Apple's chips will be ready for a 2023 launch, as the company has been working to cut down on its dependence on Qualcomm.

According to Gurman's report, we previously heard from an Apple analyst. Apple's work on a 5G modem chip failed, and that it was going to be supplied by Qualcomm, according to a June 22, 2022, statement from the author.

The work on the chip is continuing despite the fact that it stopped. Although Apple is expected to create its own modem chip, it will take more time for it to be completed and satisfactory for use in its devices.

Apple launched a legal battle againstQualcomm, accusing the company of unfairly collecting royalties for technologies it had nothing to do with. It was not possible for Intel to make 5G chips that met Apple's standards due to the fact that Apple wanted to switch to using Intel technology.

Apple settled its lawsuit with Qualcomm and used their 5G modem chips in its lineup. Apple bought Intel's modem chip business to get a head start on its own modem chip. It looks like it will take a bit longer for Apple to end its modem deals withQualcomm, despite initial rumors suggesting it would happen in 2023.