An illustration of a mass-quantised black hole.

Black holes behave like quantum particles a new study has revealed. (Image credit: NightCafe Creator AI)

A new study suggests that black holes have the same properties as quantum particles and that they can be at the same time as light and dark.

The goal of the new study was to find a connection between the physics of black holes and the principles of the smallest particles.

A simulation of a quantum particle was placed near a black hole. The simulation showed that the black hole could be both massive and not massive at the same time.

Are we living in a quantum world?

"We wanted to see if black holes could have different densities at the same time, and it turns out they do," said Joshua Foo, the lead author of the study. Some of the weird and wonderful behaviors of quantum physics have not been thoroughly investigated.

The most well-known example of quantum superposition is the thought experiment called the Schrdinger's cat. The particles are in multiple states until they interact with the outside world. The particle could be thrown into one of the possible states by this interaction.

The experiment was intended to demonstrate the absurdity of quantum theory as it would suggest that a cat locked in a box can be dead and alive at the same time.

While a cat in a box could be dead, a quantum particle could exist in a double state. A new study shows that a black hole does the same thing.

Black holes may have quantum properties, according to Jacob Bekenstein. Since a black hole's mass is defined by its quantum superposition, it's possible that it can have more than one mass.

According to the statement, the research showed that the superposed mass were in certain determined bands or ratios. The fact that we found this evidence was quite shocking.

We don't know what is happening inside black holes. It is probably even better than we thought.

There is a new study in the journal Physical Review Letters.

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