Voters in San Francisco will have the chance to vote on whether homeless camps should be required to house business travelers.

A new initiative will be added to the fall ballot in San Francisco. Local homeless camps would be required to start housing business travelers under the proposal.

The San Francisco variant of the initiative on the ballot in Los Angeles that would require local hotels to house the homeless when not sold out is seen as a more progressive alternative.

Business travelers will be able to book a stay under a local bridge, near a riverbank or in a back alley if it passes. Business travelers will be able to choose from a variety of options, depending on their loyalty to the camp. Depending on nightly stays, different benefits will be included in loyalty tiers.

If a business traveler stays 10 nights a year, they will achieve the coveted "panhandler" status and get complimentary McMuffins every morning.

Business travelers who stay at least 20 nights in a camp each year will earn hobo status and be issued a bandana to carry in their luggage.

Business travelers say that it can be worse than some of the hotels they have stayed at. The extra change they can get from an evening happy hour of asking for donations will supplement the per diem rates.

The post is called...satire.