The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an attempt by Sen. Lindsey Graham to avoid testifying in a Georgia grand jury probe into former President Donald Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham Speaks On President Trump's Announcement Of Troop Withdrawal In Syria

Lindsey Graham is speaking at the U.S. Capitol.

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The Supreme Court denied Graham's request to block a subpoena to appear before the Atlanta-area panel.

There was no dissent to the court's decision.

Justice Clarence Thomas temporarily halted a lower court ruling that required Graham to appear before the Georgia grand jury until the Supreme Court could review the case further.

Graham asked the justices to block his testimony because he doesn't need to because of the Constitution's "speech or debate clause."

The justices noted that the lower courts had already ruled that Graham does not have to testify on topics related to his legislative activities.

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A number of people close to the former president, including Graham, have been subpoenaed by the grand jury to testify. She wants to question Graham about a phone call between the senator and Georgia's Republican Secretary of State, who Trump pressured to find enough votes to overturn Biden's victory in the state. The secretary of state interpreted Graham's question about Georgia's procedures as an attempt to throw out legally cast votes. Graham made at least two phone calls to Raffensperger and his team and referenced allegations of widespread voter fraud like those peddled by Trump and his team.

A separate grand jury would need to indict Trump or anyone else involved if it were to issue a report that recommended criminal charges. Graham is not a target in the investigation according to his lawyers.


The grand jury investigation could lead to prison sentences for those involved in Trump's campaign. She told the Washington Post that the panel has heard allegations of serious crimes. She said at the time that the panel had identified at least 17 people as targets.

Surprising Fact

According to the Post in September, prosecutors plan to make a decision on whether to ask Trump to testify.

The Supreme Court has given the go-ahead for Sen. Graham to testify.

Clarence Thomas Halts ordered Lindsey Graham to testify in the election case.

The lead prosecutor said that some of the people could go to prison.