Several readers seem to have received the same email, so I thought I would address it in a post.

Did I stumble upon a small fortune of Miles & More miles?!

The email address that I received today was "". The subject line of the email was "Bundle&Go purchase receipt," and the content of the email said I had been credited 420,000 miles.

The miles can be used to confirm first class awards more than a week in advance.

This email looked promising at first

I didn't have any transactions that would earn me Miles & More miles, and the Miles & More number listed wasn't my actual Miles & More number It doesn't seem like that's a thing yet. Maybe it is in the design phase.

I began to become curious. Since there was no call to action, no suspicious link to click, no threat of my social security number being deactivated, no request to buy a gift card or go to Western Union, this email didn't seem like it was from a legitimate source. The email seemed legit but it wasn't.

So, what’s going on here?

It would appear that these emails are related to other activity at You might have received this email if you used to buy or transfer points. can be used to facilitate the transfer of 420,000 RadissonRewards points to RadissonRewards Americas. The loyalty program number listed is actually my Radisson rewards account number.

I don't know what caused these emails to be sent out, but they're obviously a glitch, and should match up with some other activity you've had There will be a correction email soon.

No Lufthansa first class for me, sadly!

Bottom line

Many of us haven't just stumbled upon an accident. Rather accidentally sent out a Miles & More transaction confirmation that reflected activity with another program.

Do my theories hold if you received this strange email?