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Iberia’s new Airbus A350s missing business class

There was something strange about the new A350-900s. The airline took delivery of two new A350s with the registration codes EC-NVR and EC-NXD.

The planes don't have a business class cabin yet The seating manufacturer is having supply chain issues.

So my dad is flying to Madrid for work now on an Iberia A350 They’ve blocked off all flat beds on the flight and business class passengers are in the premium economy seats.

That’s not a great image IMO

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Planes don't make money on the ground so the airline wanted to get these planes into service. These planes are being flown without business class. Several rows of the most spacious economy seats you have ever seen are located in the area that usually has business class.

I don't know why the airline even bothered to install them, they're blocked off and can't be used. There might be a requirement for a passenger cabin to have seats throughout. The front of the jet has a lower weight than the back of the plane.

It would be weird to see the below cabin on a plane.

While this is strange, it’s not necessarily bad news

The two A350-900s that the airline is using for short haul flights are not normally used for long haul flights. Planes aren't being put on long haul routes until they have their proper interiors

Business class passengers are in the premium economy section. It is still a significant upgrade over what those passengers would get if they were in business class.

Iberia’s A320neo business class

Premium economy on an A350 is likely to be a bit more comfortable.

The forward cabin on a flight is still a bit strange, even though it looks similar to the above one.

Bottom line

Due to supply chain issues, the business class cabins on the new A350-900s aren't yet available. The airline decided to use these planes. There are a few rows of economy seats that are blocked off in the business class cabin.

Business class passengers are being seated in premium economy on these planes, which are being used on short haul flights.

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