Nikita Bier worked at Facebook, now known as Meta, from 2017 to 2021.
Nikita Bier worked at Facebook, now known as Meta, from 2017 to 2021.
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The co-founder of Gas, which is ranked the top social-media platform in the App Store, wants Musk to hire him as a vice president of product.

Nikita was the first person to offer to work for Musk. Musk should look at the App Store charts for references, as he knows a little about how to grow social-media platforms, according to the man.

I think the role would be exciting, but Gas is hogging my time right now.

Gas, a social-media app where high-school students can anonymous vote in polls, is gaining popularity. Gas had achieved a daily user base of one million with only four people, according to a product specialist.

The app has hosted hundreds of millions of polls.

Users can vote for friends in the polls. The people with the most votes in a poll get a boost in their inbox. There are plans to expand the app in the near future, but it's only available in 12 states.

In April, Musk was told by Bier to hire him as the VP of product. I have been building social apps for 11 years and not in a way that leads products to decay like a typical BigTech product director dad.

It's not known if Bier was serious about his offer to work for Musk or if he made the comments in jest.

Tbh was the top-selling app in the App Store before Facebook acquired it. According to the website, Facebook paid less than $100 million.

He was a seed investor in BeReal and worked as a product manager at Meta for four years.

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