Realmuto's RBI double ties Game 1 for the Phillies (0:38)

J.T. Realmuto hits a two-run double in the fifth to tie the game at 2-2. 0:39

10:14 AM AST

Verlander is on his way to the Hall of Fame. He has been in the game for 17 years, but still hasn't won a World Series.

The perfect game that was pitched by Verlander in the first game of the World Series was broken up in the top of the fourth when he gave up a single.

Everything fell apart.

After Kyle Tucker's second home run of the game gave the Braves a 2-0 lead in the top of the first, Philadelphia's offense came to life with five hits in the fourth and fifth.

Then Realmuto, whose two-run double tied the score at 5-5, hit a solo home run in the 10th to give the Phils a 6-5 victory.

Verlander described his performance as disappointing. I wasn't able to hold on to the lead. I'm pretty sure that 99% of the time I'm able to hold that lead.

Verlander is the worst starter in World Series history with a 6.07ERA. He was responsible for himself.

He said he needs to do better. There is no excuse. I felt like I had some guys that I wanted to throw the ball to, but they weren't able to do it. There's a lot of credit to the lineup. When I did execute pitches, they were able to foul it off or put it in play and find a couple hits. They hit me hard when I made a mistake.

The catcher said that he needed to call a better game. We need to execute better pitches.

It was surprising to see Verlander, who is well on his way to his third Cy Young Award this season, not be able to come out with a win after such a comfortable early lead.

Two runs is usually enough. They were known for hitting when they came in. It was taken from us tonight.

Verlander said yes.

He gave a lot of credit to the other team. They put me in play when I made some pitches. They hit them hard when I failed to do so. It's a great lineup. If you don't make your pitches, they'll hurt you.