SkyTeam was formed over a year ago. The new national airline in Italy is called ITA. How is the Sky Team alliance going? I don't think so, if you ask me...

ITA Airways’ non-participation in SkyTeam

SkyTeam is a group of airlines. The biggest benefits of an airline that is part of an alliance are mileage earning, redemptions, and elite perks.

Most of those things don't apply to ITA Airways.

  • You can’t redeem miles with SkyTeam partner airlines for travel on ITA Airways
  • You generally can’t earn miles with SkyTeam partner airlines for travel on ITA Airways, unless it’s a codeshare flight marketed by the program you’re crediting to
  • You generally don’t get reciprocal partner elite recognition; SkyTeam Elite and SkyTeam Elite Plus status from partners isn’t honored on ITA Airways, while those who have ITA Airways status don’t receive elite perks on SkyTeam partners

Look at the partner page for Delta.

Please note, earn is temporarily unavailable on ITA Airways-marketed, ITA Airways-operated flights denoted by AZ*/AZ airline code. Additionally, SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus benefits will be temporarily unavailable on ITA Airways-operated flights.

I would like to go for status with Air France-KLM Flying Blue, so I thought an ITA Airways review trip would be a good way to get some points. You don't earn miles or points unless you book an Air France or KLM codeshare on the airline. The Flying Blue page for the airline.

Earn Miles and gain XP on flights marketed as Air France (AF) and/or KLM (KL) and operated by ITA Airways (AZ).

The SkyTeam logo is painted on planes by ITA Airways.

ITA Airways Airbus A350

This is disappointing and confusing

The global alliances aren't as hot as they used to be, as they've largely been deemphasized in favor of joint ventures, equity investments

The core value of the alliance concept is that passengers can expect to be treated fairly regardless of which airline they fly. It might take a month or two for things to get up to speed, but over a year.

I don't know why this is the way it is. Is it Skyteam?

I am not surprised Sky Team has an issue like this. SkyTeam has the weakest recognition and redemptions of any of the alliances. SkyTeam has some great airlines, but the alliance isn't as consistent as oneworld or Star Alliance

ITA Airways Airbus A350 business class

Bottom line

Despite being part of the SkyTeam alliance for over a year, ITA Airways still doesn't have the same perks as other airlines. This is something I can't comprehend.

What do you think about the non-participation of ITA in Sky Team?