When creators make content for the platform's TikTok competitor, they will get less reward money.

According to Business Insider, the pot of cash up for grabs is now worth millions of dollars a year. In February, the company said it was giving away millions of dollars a month to creators. When Spotlight first launched in the fall of 2020, there was a promise of $1 million a day for people making TikTok-style videos.

The company is focused on rewarding Spotlight creators in more markets and the fund sits at million of dollars throughout the year.

Content creators made a lot of money making Spotlight videos. At one point, a creator could make between $20,000 and $50,000 a month. They were making $15,000 for 150,000 views on their videos in 2021, but are now getting fifteen dollars for each view. Spotlight Challenges are where users are paid when they make hit videos using certain things.

Even though creator payments are decreasing, Spotlight still appears to be a priority for the company: in a leaked internal memo from September, the CEO said he wanted 30 percent of users on Spotlight every day next year.

Money has been thrown at the TikTok problems of other platforms. In order to get users to use the service, the company had to pay out a large amount of money. The creators told the Financial Times that the payments were slashed. TikTok added ad revenue sharing with some creators in 2020.

Even though the tech platforms are still very rich, times are tough and many are trying to take on TikTok. The cuts were deep compared to other tech companies, and it was far from alone in laying off workers.