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Bo Jackson and Kevin Seitzer played together on a Double-A farm team. The men who are now teammates on the 1988 Royals didn't share much in common. Seitzer was a scrapper who lived and died in the cage, unlike Jackson, who lived and died as an athlete. Seitzer put every emotion, feeling and opinion on his forehead. The hometown of Seitzer was going to throw a parade in his honor, until Seitzer made it clear he didn't like his hometown. He doesn't think they'll ever have a Kevin Seitzer day.

Seitzer was loud and clear. There was a loud noise. It's obnoxious. He told you if you had a white head. He was the first to say it if you farted. Danny said that he was agnat. The busy bee is in everyone's discussion. The temperature was taken by most guys before they spoke. Not Kevin, that's what I'm saying.

Jeff Montgomery said thatKevin was annoying. A good person. He pushed things when it was best to leave.

Jackson kept to himself and could be difficult to read. Did you be his friend? Did you not be his friend? He could be heard laughing at something. He showed the sternness of a judge. The Royal was the only one who challenged him. Steve Farr was the only one who stood up to Bo. Steve was talking trash aboutBo and he was angry. That made Steve angry. Bo was asked if he had a problem. Let's go if that's the case. Bo didn't wrap Steve up like a pretzel because he respected Steve.

Bo wasn't respectful of Seitzer. He is one of the biggest players on the team. His two cents are always put in. Guys are asking if you will shut up.

The Royals held pre-game batting practice inside at the cages beneath the stadium. The team broke into groups of four and Jackson had a quartet of them. Kevin is the first in the cage. The first to hit has to be him. He took his hacks, and I looked down. I don't have anything on, but my pants.

Jackson wore his shorts to the club. He wrapped his swings when he came back. Seitzer leaped into the cage after spotting Jackson.

Jackson asked if you just took your turn.

Seitzer said, "You should have been here."

A group of people were standing nearby. Seitzer was trying to peacock, as usual, according to Jackson. Jackson asked if he would just shut the fuck up and leave.

Seitzer lectured on protocol as he entered the cage. Brian Watley said that Kevin told Bo to fuck him. It seemed a bit risky to say "fuck you" to Bo.

Jackson didn't like what he saw.

He told the person to stop talking to him.

Seitzer kept barking.

Jackson said this would be his last time talking to you. I will kick your ass if you speak anything else to me.

Jackson missed the first pitch after Seitzer left the cage. Seitzer was snickering.

Jackson threw down his bat, walked toward Seitzer and grabbed him around the throat with his left hand. The Royals had not seen this fast of a Bo transformation. Seitzer had his eyes roll back quickly.

You picked the wrong woman to fuck with. Jackson made a loud noise. Don't you ever talk to me like that again if you're breathing air? I'm going to break your neck.

Jackson used to say that if anyone stepped in to end the ass-kicking, the ass-kicking would intensify. Jackson had a vise-like grip on the players as they tried to separate them.

The first baseman's coach yelled "Bo!". The man is calledBo! We should let him go. Bo, Bo!

Jackson wasn't paying much attention. He was angry. Too many Kevin Seitzer. By the second, his arms seemed to be getting bigger. He had veins from his bicep.

Jackson said that his eyes rolled back in his head. The harder they pulled on me, the harder it was to hold onto it.

Seitzer was no longer on the ground. He had a blue face.

It was similar to a horror movie. Kevin was about to be murdered on Friday the 13th when he was played byBo.

After releasing his hold and dropping Seitzer to the floor, Jackson went back to his locker. He hit the wall with the bat. There were small chunks of wood and plaster.

Seitzer was taken to the training room where he rested with an ice pack on his neck. After a half dozen curious/terrified/ wildly entertained teammates, Jackson rose from his stool and entered the room. Jackson was standing over the Seitzer.

He warned that he wouldn't cross him again. I am not going to allow those coaches to grab me. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Don't you cross me again?

Seitzer agreed. He went up to Jackson about an hour later. The cocksureness was no longer present. He asked if we could just forget what happened back there and be friends.

Jackson didn't say yes. It doesn't work that way. You have said what you want to say, and you mean it, but now you want to say you're sorry? That's not true.

Jackson was referred to as a very good teammate by Seitzer. We weren't close

Jackson was more specific about what he wanted to say.

Kevin Seitzer was capable of going fuck himself.

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