Musk is the owner of the social networking site. We knew it was going to happen but we didn't know it was going to be the new "chief twit's" ascension.

1. Elon makes a visual pun with plumbing

On the eve of the official deal close, Musk paid a visit to the headquarters of the social media company. He used the occasion to make a visual pun about the phrase "let that sink in", but carrying a sink, and having the social networking site allow him and that sink in.

Even if you can't imagine any other executives carrying large porcelain objects into office lobbies to announce an acquisition close, Musk's strong suit is chaotic chaotic energy.

Elon Musk carries a sink into Twitter HQ

A sink is carried into a building by a man.

2. Elon tries to appease advertisers

On the heels of a report that some advertisers might boycott, the Muskie posts an extended missive to advertisers trying to explain his logic and end by assuring them.

3. Elon closes the deal

The news first trickles out then hits like a wave with close to-simultaneous reports across all major outlets on Thursday at around 6PM.

The Delaware Chancery Court Judge had set a deadline for him to meet. The court case that resulted in Elon trying to wriggle out of the deal resulted in the deadline.

Elon Musk collaged with Twitter logos

The image was taken by JimWatson/AFP/Getty Images.

4. Elon fires leadership

The CEO, CFO, general counsel, and head of legal, trust and safety were all fired by Musk immediately after he took over.

There was no affection between Musk and Agrawal. He got her targeted by his troll army because of the criticism he posted about her. The deal closing helped him escape, but I bet he wasn't really happy about it.

5. Elon to crown himself CEO

Early on in the process, it was reported that he might want to add a fourth title to his resume. According to reports, he will put himself in the power spot.

It looks like he will be doing that as a short-term measure until he finds a long-term replacement. It is possible that one of the people who were cozying up to him will get the nod.

6. NYSE sets date for Twitter de-list

It’s official: Twitter will delist from the New York Stock Exchange on November 8. That will officially end its tenure as a public company, which began with its IPO in November 2013.

The company is being taken private by Musk through his financing vehicle.

7. EU welcomes Elon to regulation hell

The bird is freed was the first official acknowledgement of his new toy on the social media platform. The European Commission Internet Market Commissioner replied that freedom isn't free.

In the past, Breton has met with Musk in person and recorded a video in which he says he explained to Musk the EU's Digital Services Act, and in which Musk basically says he's aligned to everything it contains.

8. Elon discourses with some trolls

Musk has responded to a few users who have complained about platform censorship in the past. One of the users is called "catturd2” and he claims to be shadowbanned and who uses false information on his social media accounts. Canada Proud is a right-wing group that spreads false information and attacks the Canadian Prime Minister.

It is the story so far, but there will be more to come. As the day progresses, we will update this post.

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