Full meal service in long haul business class has been restored by British Airways.

British Airways restores long haul business class meal service

In order to cut costs and reduce contact between passengers and crew, virtually all airlines scaled back inflight service around the start of the Pandemic. Since then, airlines have restored service at different rates.

By the summer of 2020, some airlines had restored inflight service, while others hadn't. Good news for British Airways passengers. British Airways is restoring its pre-pandemic meal service in Club World.

The reason for not offering a full service up until now isn't because of cost cutting or safety, but rather because flights haven't been staffed with as many flight attendants as before. It's difficult for crew to provide a multi-course meal without enough staff.

British Airways is bringing back pre-pandemic catering

What’s changing about British Airways’ meal service?

British Airways invested heavily in its business class meal service in the years leading up to the swine flu. The quality of the food was very good.

The service began with a drink.

British Airways business class meal service

After that there was a salad, soup, and bread.

British Airways business class meal service

The main course was the first thing that came to mind.

British Airways business class meal service

There was a different dessert.

British Airways business class meal service

This was one of the best meals you could find on a western airline. British Airways has been serving the same quality food, but all on a single tray, so you would get a main course and dessert at the same time. The airline used to serve boxed meals for a long time.

The return of coursed meals, return of hot soup, and return of hot dessert are some of the changes we are seeing. The express service on evening flights will be reintroduced for those who want to be served one tray in order to maximize rest.

It's great news for those who have British Airways flights.

Bottom line

Pre-pandemic meal service has been restored by British Airways. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, a multi-course meal has been served on a single tray, but you can expect that to change.

The business class of British Airways is more compelling than it has ever been. If those fuel surcharge were not so bad.

British Airways has resumed its pre-pandemic meal service.