The new Note 12 lineup is headed by the Note 12 Discovery Edition, a mid-range phone that supports the 210W HyperCharge fast-charging standard. Nine minutes is all it takes to fully charge the phone's battery. If you put the phone on to charge and go into the shower, you will have enough time to replenish the phone's battery.

Competition for faster and faster charging speeds for mobile phones has increased. The 120W fast charging on the 11T Pro was offered by Xiaomi before the 150W Super VOOC standard was announced by Oppo. We have reached a point of diminishing returns with these fast charging standards, but I will never say no to progress so long as it doesn't change.

The Note 12 Discovery Edition has a number of impressive features. The Note 12 Pro Plus has a rear camera that has a bigger resolution. You can either choose to take a full-resolution (200-MIP) photograph, or alternatively you can take a 12.5 or 50-MIP shot. There is a 16-megapixel selfie camera, an 8-mil ultrawide, and a 2-mil macro.

Four phones are part of the Note 12 line. There is a note at the top. You get a bigger battery with the Note 12 Pro Plus. After dropping the charging speed to 67W, you can swap the main camera for a 50mp sensor on the Note 12 Pro. The entry-level Note 12 has just 33W of fast charging and is powered by the same processor as the other three models.

The Note 12 Discovery Edition from the front.
The Note 12 Discovery Edition from the front.
Image: Xiaomi

Regardless of which model you are looking at, all of them have a 6.67-inch display, a 3.5mm earphone jack, and a side fingerprint sensor.

History shows that the Redmi Note 12 is unlikely to ever make it to the US in an official capacity. The lineup will go on sale in China on October 30th at a starting price of justRMB 1,199. The Note 12 Discovery Edition will have a price of 2,399.