Through the end of the schedule, there is a wide open Brussels Airlines business class availability from Brussels to New York for just 25,500 Avianca. It is cheaper than economy flights on the same days, and on some days I am still seeing four seats available, though availability is spotty now in the summer, but there are still some late August dates with 2 seats and a better handful of February.

You need to manually choose a Star Alliance search from the drop down on the search page if you want LifeMiles to be on the default smart search setting. If you want to see business class availability, choose Star Alliance.

Business class is less expensive than economy class on certain dates.

It's bookable. I took my own advice from this morning's post about booking a family in business class and splitting them up to fly over two days, with my wife and one son on one day and my other son and I traveling on a separate day.

I did consider early March since I can still find dates with four seats still available, as shown in the screen shot above. There is a sale on the LifeMiles website that explicitly states that the price is 25.5K miles one way. I expect this deal to be honored based on how it is advertised. I don't know if it will be, but given that they are advertising this price publicly and that Iberia has occasionally put business class on sale at this rate, I think Avianca would have a hard time arguing against it. It's a great deal.

Transfer to Avianca LifeMiles should be instantaneous according to our database.

Amex warned me that I might have to wait up to 72 hours for the transfer to be completed. According to Dan from Dan's Deals, the transfer will either be instant or overnight. I think I had an experience with a transfer that didn't happen until later in the year.

When I executed my transfer a short time ago, I got an error on the Amex side saying that it couldn't be processed right away and I had to try again later. I almost immediately tried to transfer again, but I thought to go back to my Amex account home page, where I discovered that my Membership rewards total had decreased by the correct number of points for the transfer. Even though I got an error message, my transfer went through and I was able to use my LifeMiles account.

I was able to book both of them on the same day. I was able to book via the Swiss Airlines website using the confirmation code provided by Avianca, even though I didn't receive an email with a ticket number. I was able to find my tickets at

In business class, there is not availability in the other direction. In this morning's post, I showed some dates with seats in Swiss business class. I booked a different thing for my ride to Europe. I would have been willing to gamble on this one and hope to find a flight to Europe at some point in the future. It is rare that you can fly business class for less than one hundred dollars. When the iron is hot, you have to hit it.

The Star Alliance award sale is valid for bookings between October 24th and October 28th. I don't know if that means this deal will end soon or if it means that the sale is on until the end of October, but I don't expect it to last long.