Over 24,000 Model 3 vehicles are being recalled because a software update can't fix them. There may be an improper fastened rear- left seat belt Buckle and center seat belt anchor. It is not an issue from the factory, but it is due to a previous service visit where the seat belt anchor was removed.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received a safety recall report fromTesla. According to the report, the second-row seat belt anchors weren't being secured properly after previous repairs that required it to be disassembled and reassembled. A bolt is shared by both components.

The loose components were noticed by some service technicians. There were 105 incorrect seat belt reassembly occurrences. It is not known which service centers are to blame. There have been no crashes or injuries caused by this issue.

Email notifications will be sent to owners affected by the recall by December 20th. The email states that there is no need for action at this time and that the company is planning pop-up service events to fix the issue. The remedy is simple, and it involves inspecting the buckle and anchor to make sure they are secure.

If you don't want to wait for a pop-up, you can get your Model 3 checked out at a regular service appointment. Some signs of the issue are described in the NHTSA report.

When the second-row left seat belt buckle and/or center seat belt anchor is not fastened to correct specifications, one or both components may be loose when pulled up and away from the second-row seat bench.

Most of the previous recalls have been fixed with an over-the-air software update. The term "recall" can imply more issues with the car than a simple software push, and that's why Musk dislikes it.

The Boombox feature obscured the pedestrian safety warning system and windows that can roll up and pinch fingers were among the issues that were fixed by multiple Over The Air updates. There was a situation where video games could be played while driving, and there was also a seatbelt reminder chime issue that had to be fixed.

The email was sent to customers.

Tesla has decided to proactively recall certain Model 3 vehicles manufactured between 2017-2022 to inspect the assembly of the second-row left-hand seat belt buckle and the center seat belt anchor to ensure components are fastened to specification. Our records indicate that your vehicle(s) may be affected by this recall.

Servicing certain components of Model 3 vehicles requires disassembly of the second-row left-hand seat belt buckle and center seat belt anchor, both of which are fastened with the same bolt. One or both components may have been incorrectly reassembled during service. We are not aware of any crashes or injuries relating to this condition.

No immediate action is required if you own a Model 3 vehicle affected by this recall. Although you may schedule an appointment to have this recall performed, Tesla will reach out with details to coordinate local pop-up service events to specifically address this recall for customer convenience. If you have an existing service appointment for any other concern, Tesla will service the necessary components during your visit.

Thank you for being a Tesla customer, and we apologize for this inconvenience.