Michael Osterholm was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently to share his insights on the current coronavirus epidemic. He is an expert in infectious disease epidemiology.

The subject of cruise ships came up and this is what Michael had to say.

Michael Osterholm "I'm if I'm sitting in a room with a hundred people and we are kind of sharing air - the transmissions remarkable - right here off the coast of California you have cruise ships. Cruise ships are notorious for recirculating air inside the inner cabins. We've had a number of outbreaks.

Joe Rogan "That's why they're having these outbreaks on cruise ships?"

Michael Osterholm "And then you leave them on there. The cruelest human experiment we've done in a long time with humans is to leave them on the ship. Get them off right away. "

Joe Rogan " Should they get them off right away?"

Michael Osterholm "Oh yes, absolutely"

Joe Rogan "What should they do with them?"

Michael Osterholm "Well they can put them in quarantine of some kind if they want and follow up on them, but you're guaranteed they're all going to get infected day after day. "


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