Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina at a press conference on Capitol Hill on June 22, 2022.
Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images
  • Lindsey Graham is a Republican senator from Ohio.

  • Graham made a lot of people at the Republican Party dinner angry.

  • If the Republicans take back the chamber, Jim Jordan will chair the Judiciary Committee.

Lindsey Graham was laughed at by a crowd of Republican voters when he suggested that the ascension to chair of the House Judiciary Committee could result in a number of suicides.

Graham spoke to a room full of party faithful at a dinner hosted by the local Republican party in a city that Jordan has represented in Congress. Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, Ohio GOP chairman Mike Paduchik, and a number of other Republican officials attended the event.

A former venture capitalist and author of a book called "Hillbilly Elegy" is facing a tougher than expected race against a congressman.

There's something special here. "This guy is going to change the Republican Party, change the Senate, all for the better," Graham said. There are some words that really bother the Democrats. What is the worst thing the Democrats can say? The chairman is Jim Jordan.

If the GOP regains the House, Jordan will conduct investigations into the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice.

Graham speaks at a Republican dinner in Lima, Ohio as Jordan looks on.
Graham speaks at a Republican dinner in Lima, Ohio as Jordan looks on.Bryan Metzger/Insider

Graham told the crowd that there would be people jumping off the bridges in San Francisco. New York City might shut down.

At the Golden Gate Bridge, an average of 30 people die by suicide each year. The most number of suicides on any bridge in the country have come from the famous bridge. The officials are trying to prevent deaths by building a steel net underneath the bridge.

Graham denied rumors that he might be gay in an interview with the New York Times.

"I know it's going to upset a lot of gay men, but I'm not available," said Graham in the interview. I'm not gay," he said. I'm sorry.

Jordan was once the chair of the House Republican Study Committee and helped found the House Freedom Caucus. If the GOP regains control of the House, the judiciary committee will investigate the DOJ and other government entities.

Graham made a joke about the congressman's weight. The chair of the judiciary committee has struggled with weight loss in the past.

He needs to get the gavel. Graham said that Jerry Nadler was the best trade in politics. About 200 pounds are being saved by you.

Attendees listen as Republican Senate candidate JD Vance speaks at the Republican dinner in Lima, Ohio.Bryan Metzger/Insider

Graham pointed out that Republicans will be able to investigate Democrats on a range of issues if they regain control of Congress.

We will have oversight. "We'll ask questions you've been dying for someone to ask, and we'll see what kind of answers we get." We're going to get to the bottom of this. If you are in charge, you can only do that.

He praised Graham at the beginning of the dinner and said he had followed his career for a long time. "I've watched him on TV, I've watched him on Fox News, a lot of you," said the man.

Graham was particularly impressed with his defense of the Supreme Court nominee, according to the man. The candidate pointed out that his wife had once worked for the judge.

"I've never seen Washington do something like that," said Vance. Lindsey Graham was the most effective defender and he was from South Carolina.

Republican Senate candidate JD Vance speaks at a Republican dinner in Lima, Ohio.Bryan Metzger/Insider

The media had a number of questions for the two men.

Insider asked the two men about their support for the former president, and they both said they supported him.

"I don't know if we've talked about it," said the man. When a guy does a good job, you should change your mind because that's what people think.

The Republican candidate for president in 2016 was Graham. The opponents of Joe Biden got on board because he defeated them. When I lost to Trump, I accepted it and thought he was a good president. So there you go, right?

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