Phil Spencer is the CEO of gaming at Microsoft. Spencer described it as a poorly built video game when he was asked about it at the WSJ Tech Live conference.

Meta rebranded from Facebook last year as a testament to its focus on the metaverse, which it believes will become a place where you not only socialize with friends but also work. Spencer may or may not agree with the work aspect of the metaverse. He said at the conference that video game creators have an amazing ability to create compelling worlds. A metaverse that looks like a meeting room is something I would like to build. It's not where I want to spend most of my time.

They pushed back on the metaverse.

Spencer wasn't the only one who disagreed with the idea of the metaverse. The last thing Evan Spiegel wanted to do when he got home from work was live inside a computer. The senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple said that the metaverse is not something he will use. Disney doesn't use the term metaverse because it's a big, broad term For us, it is a new generation of story telling.

Meta doesn't make a very convincing case that its virtual reality worlds are worth a visit. Even Meta's own employees are barely usingHorizon Worlds, and getting people to buy in can't have gotten easier after the widespread ridicule over Mark Zuckerberg's widely memed avatar selfies.

He does believe that the concept of the metaverse will change. It is a bad video game according to me. He thinks we are early. The metaverse is going to end up looking a lot more like video games than some of the models that I see today, according to him.

Given that Microsoft has begun discussing the metaverse for its own ends, it is not surprising that he is open to the term. The CEO of the company spoke about how the two companies are collaborating to bring things like Teams, Windows, and XBOX to virtual reality at the Meta's Connect keynote.

I don't believe that most people will wear a headset for the majority of their day. If I had to guess, Meta will take a few pointers from video game companies to make its ideas more appealing.

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