When you get your phone repaired, you will be able to use the Maintenance Mode feature on your phone to keep your messages, photos, and accounts safe. Since July, the feature has been tested and launched in China last month, but it will soon be available in more than one country.

According to the press release, Maintenance Mode will allow someone to access core functions of the phone without being able to see your data. You won't have to worry about the repair tech seeing anything they don't want to see. When you get your phone back, you will be able to turn off Maintenance Mode, which will allow you to uninstall any apps that were installed while the phone was being repaired.

Screenshot showing the screen to turn on maintenance mode, reading: Maintenance mode protects your privacy while someone else is using your phone, such as when you’re sending it for repairs. In Maintenance mode, your personal data, including pictures, messages, and accounts, can’t be accessed, and only preinstalled apps can be used. You’ll need to unlock your phone to turn off Maintenance mode. When you do, everything will go back to the way it was when Maintenance mode was first turned on.
Samsung does recommend backing up your data before turning it on, just in case something goes wrong.
Image: Samsung

Maintenance Mode can be turned on by going to settings > battery and device care

If you want an idea of when your phone might get that update, check out this article. Next year it will roll out more devices from the same brand. The company warns that the timing of availability may vary by market, model and network provider, as updates can take a long time to filter through carriers.

Apple paid out millions of dollars to settle a case after people sent their phones in for repairs and personal photos were leaked. It is good to see that there is work being done on the software side as well and that those features are starting to make it onto customers.