Talk about the wrong time. The economy is shaky and food prices are high, but luxury phone maker Vertu has decided this is the right time to release a new lineup of phones that cost over $40,000.

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Vertu decided to sell phones that are so expensive. It's not a good look to flog a phone that's expensive when you can't afford a home. Vertu is confident in its phones because it is tied into Web 3.0, a buzzy but vague concept involving ideas such as decentralization.

The Metavertu smartphone.

Vertu's phone lets you interact with Web 3.0. It is difficult to tell from the company's terse news release. The manufacturer wants the users of the WEB2.0 to walk into the WEB 3.0 easily. The perfect starting point for users is a WEB3 phone.

Vertu signaling?

The new Vertu models have a lot of good features. A ceramic frame and a glass screen are included. The phones are powered by a central processing unit. They have a 6.67 inch, 24001080 display, a three-lens camera array, and a 4,600 mAh battery.

If $3,600 is all you have to spend, the bottom-level model includes a carbon fiber finish, 12 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of internal storage. The top-end configuration Metavertu has 18 gigabytes of RAM and 1 terabytes of storage and comes in 18K gold and diamonds. Photos and videos can be converted into NFTs with a single click. The NFTs are stored on the device. If you don't know anything about Web 3.0, the device has a voice assistant that can answer questions.

The Metavertu usually uses the standard operating system in order to access the internet. You can use a custom operating system to run in Web 3.0 mode. You can use the Web 3.0 mode to create a digital wallet. Vertu claims that the Web 3.0 mode can solve the security problem of digital assets.

Vertu had a rocky history. In 1998 it was established by a company. The company went out of business in 2017, but came back a year later with a new phone.

There have been mixed reactions to Vertu's previous phones. The Vertu models were described as "tasteless trash" by the magazine.

Cheaper options

There is good news. If you don't have the money to buy a top-end phone, you shouldn't feel bad. The more advanced version of the phone, the iPhone 14 Plus, costs $899. You get Apple's vaunted app ecosystems for that price. It can be had for around $1,000 for the nifty folding display of the newSamsung Z flip 4

Someone holding the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

If you want an upgrade to the top-of-the-line Vertu, the most expensive model is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with a whopping one Terabyte of storage. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you could choose one of the priciest phones currently sold, theGalaxy Z Fold 4, which tops out at around $1,600, also with one Terabyte of Storage.

Do you still think the Vertu is overpriced? You could buy about 100 units of the very capable iPhone SE, which retails for $400 each. If you want to keep the phone you already have, you can buy a 2022 BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe for the same price.

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