The upstate New York sheriff is not happy that people are using 3D printing to make guns.

The sheriff of New York's Oneida County told Spectrum News that he knew of 3D printed guns being submitted to the gun buy back program.

Several stories emerged this summer in which people in Texas, South Carolina and New York 3D printed their guns and sold them to local authorities as part of state gun buy back programs. The man who identified himself only as "Kem" said he 3D printed more than 100 guns and turned them into New York State's gun program. He received $21,000 for his work and was given $500 gift cards.

Regulatory Nightmare

It's not clear what to do about the loophole given that other parts of the country are doing the same thing.

"From a public safety standpoint," the sheriff said, "getting any gun off the street if it has the potential to harm someone may be just as effective as buying back traditionally-manufactured guns."

"You can't guarantee that those guns won't be used to harm someone or be used illegally," Swenszkowski said.

The sheriff admits that changing the language of the programs may hurt their effectiveness.

Given the seriousness of gun violence in the US today, it's hard to argue that it's a catch-22.

There is a plan to use taser-toting drones to kill school shooters.