The latest game in the Age of Empires series, Age of Empires IV, is coming to consoles next year. Those who prefer to play on portable devices will be able to do so on the first day. This is a great chance for console players to check out the game since it is available for PC Game Pass subscribers.

If you missed out on the PC release, my colleague Mitchell Clark has some fun coverage from last year on the lengths that Microsoft and World's Edge went to give more depth to Age of Empires. You will be able to watch the reenactments with each mission.

There are some welcome features coming to the console port, including a tutorials to help players get used to the new controller layout, and full keyboard and mouse support.

It's a big deal when real-time strategy games come to consoles because they aren't a natural fit and there are many challenges to make the jump from PC to console They need to work on their interface, performance, and control schemes in order to give console players all of the same commands.

It's great that Age of Empires is finally coming to consoles, and it won't cost Game Pass subscribers anything. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is coming to consoles first, so if you need another game to play before that launch, you're in luck.

Microsoft added more information on what features are coming with Age of Empires IV.