If you looked at my standardized test results when I was in school, you would see that I scored very high in math and low in verbal, not the marks you would expect from a seasoned content editor.

It's a crazy world.

It's sort of.

My natural abilities make me a good fit for content editing because my content needs to be quickly communicated to your audience.

An unlikely place for content editors in-training

The story needs to turn a weakness into strength.

timed exams to test reading comprehension didn't fit my reading style, so most of my English tests weren't adorned with those coveted "A" grades

I carefully read the text and analyzed how the writer presented his or her message.

I ran out of time before I finished my questions. Sixteen-year-old Stefanie, it's okay. There is a bright future for you.

I turned my way of reading into a career despite my poor test scores because they convinced me that the English language was my weakness.

We’re in The Content Editor Age

The title of this interview on Contently's The Content Strategist says it all: "You need editors, not brand managers"

Godin said that brands often opt for playing it safe rather than thinking, "How can we be more interesting."

Godin concluded.

“That’s not what happens when you want to make a hit TV show or a website that people care about. You need editors, not brand managers, who will push the envelope to make the thing go forward.”

Content editors produce enjoyable experiences

Isn't it a bit weak to say that "durable content" is enjoyable? It isn't as serious as "effective content" or "content that produces business results"

But enjoyable content is a prerequisite if you want your content to be effective.

Editors use refined messages to help meet their businessBlogging goals.

I often paint my nails because I don't have time to paint on canvas. I can display my work for as long as the manicure lasts.

There is a collection of nail art tutorials on the company's website. Each video needed to have a focused vision and intentional refining.

The lessons in the videos make you want to buy the products used in the videos so you can try them on yourself.

It's good for a nail polish lover. I have a long list of new colors I am going to buy now that I have watched a lot of the eisy videos.

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Pro content editors follow these 8 steps

There is more to being a content editor than just producing error-free content.

There are eight steps that professional content editors use to create their content.

Step #1: Research

Research is the first step in your content marketing plan.

Enhancing your chances of connecting with your target audience is just one of the benefits of research. It helps you stand out from the crowd.

Step #2: Prepare

When unforeseen circumstances arise, I prefer to prepare over plan.

You can adapt quickly if you are prepared. The content schedules of editors are adjusted as needed.

Step #3: Write

It is advisable to size your research into a presentation.

“Don’t try to do too much” is my favorite piece of writing advice.

First drafts are a good place to start, but stay focused on the message you need to convey.

Step #4: Delete

The final cut should include essential information.

The statistics about how many people give themselves manicures each year don't distract viewers from watching the videos on the channel. The information doesn't match the topics in the video.

Step #5: Push

The argyle nail art can be created with diamond shapes.

The bookcase in the background has diamond-shaped drawers.

The producers of this video pushed themselves to create a completely different experience for viewers.

Step #6: Refine

How can you make the finished product better? Do you need to explain a point with more details or is there a better phrase?

Rita reassured the viewer that this may look difficult, but don't be afraid. It doesn't take a lot of practice.

Step #7: Polish (the most well-known job of content editors)

I'm not talking about nailpolish.

The step where you check for writing mistakes is called the big and small step.

Don't forget to fact-check your content and keep it up to professional standards.

Step #8: Publish

It is not possible to make a positive impression on your ideal prospects until you release the content you created.

Content marketers are able to publish their best efforts because of their confidence. They keep an eye out for possible improvements in the future.

What do the most persuasive copywriters and content marketers have in common?

Content editors critically evaluate all aspects of their content.

Their knowledge of rock-solid content strategy is helped by strong editing skills.

When you want to do a good job, you tend to spend a lot of time on it. It doesn't seem finished since it needs to be perfect.

Content editors need to learn to let go.

Content editors redefine “perfect”

Accept that your writing is never going to be perfect in order to get past the goal of perfect writing.

  • There’s often something you’ll forget to include. (That isn’t always a bad thing, because you want to start a dialogue with your audience, don’t you?)
  • Your knowledge will grow as you continue to learn.
  • You’ll have more to say on the subject as time goes on.

It feels a lot better to be able to say that you are good enough.

In 3 Critical Tips for Beginner Writers who don't have an audience yet, I mentioned that you can create new content later with your additional thoughts or update your original content if it's important that an old post has certain details you didn't include when you first published it.

“Perfect” now becomes “good enough to publish this week.”

If you spend more than a week on a piece of content, you will likely stall, which will prevent you from being a professional writer.

How content editors know when they’re ready to publish

Content editors double-check their work after they finish their standard editing and proofreading process.

When is the right time to stop writing?

Check #1: Paragraphs

You're very familiar with your writing when you're done editing and revising.

You have had blinders on.

If you want to see the big picture of your content, look at it one more time.

Begin with your words.

The last-minute changes will make you feel better about publishing.

Check #2: Sentences

How do you see your sentences next to each other?

  • Is a certain word overused?
  • Do multiple paragraphs begin with the same word?
  • Are they engaging, with descriptive language?

Content editors can use each sentence to give visitors an incentive to read.

Check #3: Grammar

Sometimes, you don't have to use proper language. You can say that about me.

The choices that aren't approved by Strunk & White should be intentional.

This is a case of awareness and “knowing the rules to break the rules.”

In the face of criticism, commit to your irreverence if you go rogue with your language.

Check #4: Punctuation

I like to use the word "proclamation"

It makes it easier for a reader to comprehend your message. Skeptics can ask me about the sheer pandemonium that took place a couple years ago when I forgot to include a colon in a copyblogger post.

You should always perform a couple of easy checks.

  1. As you review your content, stop at every punctuation mark and decide whether or not it’s in the right place.
  2. Read your writing out loud to spot any instance where you might need to add a punctuation mark. (No judgement if you could use this refresher on how to use a comma.)

You will be a better writer if you know how to spell it.

Check #5: Faux pas (last, but certainly not least, for content editors)

The check is the most important one.

Don't use phrases that could be misinterpreted as hate speech. It is not worth the potential backlash.

Showing respect in the first place is always more powerful than your explanations or apologies later.

It isn't a call to walk on eggshells. It's possible to have a point of view.

Publish to attract the right people

If you spend a lot of time polishing your writing for your audience, you will be in a better position than many other writers.

It's time to give yourself credit for the hard work you've put in. You need to make a judgement call that shows you've finished editing.

It takes a long time to get the right people.

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