I have been buying Surface devices from Microsoft for a number of years and am a big fan of its laptop hardware. Redmond is the only company that makes hardware as beautiful as it is. I was happy to hear that Microsoft did not make any changes to the design of the Surface laptop.

The laptop 5 looks similar to the laptop 4. There is a processor on the inside. In previous versions of the Surface Laptop, consumers were able to choose between Intel andAMD, so they could shop to their preferences. This year, it's not so. The laptop is only made by Intel.

Microsoft didn't give a reason for this. An executive told Tom Warren that the focus was on shipping Intel 12th Gen. The laptop I am reviewing is powered by Intel and has a chip that is unremarkable in appearance.

  • Strong single-core performance
  • Super thin and light chassis
  • 3:2 display
  • Thunderbolt support
  • Camera still 720p
  • Would like some more ports
  • Battery life a step back from last year’s AMD model
$999.99 at Microsoft$1699.99 at Best Buy$1299.99 at B&H


The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 open on an office table. The screen displays a green ribbon.
This thing is so thin, man.

Here is what you need to know about the laptop.

There are two different size screens. In the past, Microsoft has sold a 13.5-inch model and a 15-inch model. The only differences are screen size and processor size. The panels are supposed to help improve the quality of the content. The display is bright enough to be used at home. It was not a problem when there was direct light on the display. The Windows logo is on the lid. It is light at just over two pounds and feels like a MacBook Air. The bars are large. I will concede that they are blocky and interfere with the user experience, but I wouldn't say that this is hugely interfering with the user experience. To refresh the design in a modern way and bring the laptop closer to premium competitors is a no-brainer. The green one is there. There is a new model this year that is supposed to be green. I will say that calling it green is stretching. I think it looks gray. epistemic humility and all that are also included. It was time for Thunderbolt. The lack of Thunderbolt on Intel models was a pain point. The only port on the laptop that's compatible with that standard is the only one on the right side. It's not very many ports. I would love to have anSD slot. The keyboard isn't perfect. The snaps on the surface keys are very identifiable. That is one of the best things about the Surface Book keyboard, which is one of my favorites on the market today. I wish there was more travel here because I could feel my fingers thunking on the laptop.

The Windows logo on the Surface Laptop 5.
The trusted Windows logo remains.

I felt my fingers on the laptop.

There is something happening with the little pads on the bottom of the deck. The model was sliding around my desk without a grip. Everyone will be fine with this. I think it's necessary to mention it here because it drove me up the wall. I would like to thank you for listening. We are going to get through this.

The Surface Laptop 5 keyboard on a gridded surface seen from above.

I don't know if it's called "green."

The power button on the Surface Laptop 5.

This is a different angle. Is it a good idea to look green to you?

I have a Surface Laptop that sells for over $2,000. The most expensive model includes a Core i7-1255U with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. I used it for a lot of things, including research, work, and playing with software. The 1255U is going to work well for that kind of work. It didn't have any heat in the keyboard or the case.

The temperature was in the 80s with a few jumps as high as 100.

I ran both the processor and the graphics card benchmark. Compared to the Surface Laptop 4 I reviewed last year, the Intel model is better on some tasks and worse on others. Single-core is Intel's strength. It is remarkable that a model from last year that was powered by an older chip was able to beat the current line in any tests at all. During this process, the temperature was in the 80s with a few jumps as high as 100.

The Surface Laptop 5 half open on a gridded table with post-it notes in the background.
The ports are all squeezed onto the left side, with the Surface connector on the right.

The battery life was 7 hours and 51 minutes. I will take that result compared to what I have seen from other Intel thin-and-lights. Even though the two units have the same size battery, I was able to see three hours more from the Surface Laptop 4.

Agree to Continue: Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 (13.5-inch)

The laptop must be used with the mandatory policies in place.

Microsoft software license terms and manufacturer's hardware warranty and agreement.

There are a lot of things that can be agreed to.

Privacy settings include location, Find My device, diagnostic data, inking and typing.

There are mandatory and optional agreements.

The Laptop 5 is a well-built and well-performing laptop that, while expensive, is not so high in the retail clouds that any significant flaw is not a problem. It's called the ThinkPads. I like the computer that I use. While it has enough power for general use, it may be better to use the Surface Laptop Studio, which has more power and is more powerful.

The battery life is not as long as it was last year. In order to get additional power, it's necessary to trade off some efficiency. Some shoppers are happy to make tradeoffs. Microsoft didn't need to ask them about it. It was possible for Microsoft to have it either way.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 accessibility (as reviewed)

The letter keys have a width of 0.6 and a height of 0.1. The keys are illuminated. The Fn and Caps Lock have indicators on them. There is a power button. The keys are small. The keys are grayish-green with white text. In my testing, the speakers reached an average of 80 decibels, which is in line with a standard external speaker. A single hand can open the lid. The screen has a 1300:1 contrast ratio. The size of the touchpad is 4.5 inches. Clicking through several menus is required for setup to happen. The laptop 5 doesn't support fingerprints

Windows 11

The accessibility menu is included in Windows 11. A screen reader is included in Windows 11. Third-party screen readers are supported by it. There is a list of compatible software on Microsoft's website. Speech recognition and voice typing are supported by Windows 11. There are color filters that can be toggled with Windows + C. Under Personalization, standard dark mode and custom colors are available. The size and color of the caption can be changed. There is a keyboard that can be remapped. It is possible to support sticky keys. There is a keyboard on the screen. The size and speed of the scurvy can be adjusted. Eye control is supported by Windows 11. The snap layout feature is accessible by hovering over the Maximize button.