Dak Prescott (left) and Jerry Jones

Whatever is needed at any given time is said by Jerry Jones. After just a couple of games, Jones seemed ready to replace him permanently with Cooper Rush, even though he hadn't played much. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Detroit Lions in Week 7 of the season. Jerry hopped back on the train to explain how happy he was to have his quarterback back in action.

Under the category, we will file that comment. If it takes him saying something controversial about his team, that is what he will do. No NFL coach, owner, or player would ever want a quarterback controversy during the season. After the team got off to a good start, Jones wanted that. The Hall of Fame owner said he would go to New York for that.

Jones said that it meant we had won. If he comes in and plays well, that's good for the team. I would go to New York for that.

Jones changed his mind and said there was no scenario in which the team would choose between Cooper and Dak. Jones was saying what he felt was necessary at the time. The Cowboys owner is known for his antics. Jones has a lot of mouths and egos in football.

Jones has never been a big fan of the Cowboys quarterback. The Cowboys had played so well that there was no turning back. After the moment had passed, Dak continued as a starter.