One of Australia's best city hotels could be here.

Basics of the new Ritz-Carlton Melbourne

The Ritz-Carlton is expected to open in March of next year. It looks like this could be one of the best city hotels in the country. This hotel has been in the works for a long time.

The 257-room five-star hotel will be at the very top of an 80 story building and will have great views of the city. The top floor of the building is where the lobby is located, and the rooms are below that, so all rooms should have amazing views.

There will be a club lounge, a signature restaurant, a spa, and a gym at the Ritz-Carlton.

I love hotels that are at the top of buildings. I think the hotel gives me Ritz-Carlton vibes, though it isn't quite as high up. It's a small price to pay for a lobby and rooms with amazing views, even if you don't like having to take two elevators to get to your guest room.

We don't know what the points requirements will be since the hotel isn't accepting reservations.

There are some images of this hotel below.

Ritz-Carlton Melbourne exterior
Ritz-Carlton Melbourne view
Ritz-Carlton Melbourne lobby
Ritz-Carlton Melbourne pool

Ritz-Carlton brand expanding nicely in Australia

The growth of the Ritz-Carlton brand in Australia is remarkable. There weren't any Ritz-Carlton properties in Australia in the past. The first Ritz-Carlton in Australia opened in 2019.

Ritz-Carlton Perth pool

The Ritz-Carlton is expected to open a property on the Gold Coast. It is anyone's guess if the project gets rebranded before the hotel opens, or if the timelines stick.

There is an ongoing dispute as to whether or not a Ritz-Carlton will ever be built in the city.

Bottom line

The Ritz-Carlton will be Australia's tallest hotel when it opens in March of next year. The new hotel will be located in an 80 story building. I want to learn more about this and check it out.

Do you think the Ritz-Carlton is a good place to stay?