The dark theme is even darker, and ambient mode brings more color to the app.Kris HoltK. Holt|10.24.22
YouTube redesign

A new look and features are on the way. You'll be able to pinch to zoom in on a video on the mobile devices. The video will stay sharper when you remove your fingers. It's a good option for people who are going to watch Taylor Swift's new videos to find Easter eggs. Everyone will be able to use the pinch-to-zoom feature after it was tested with Premium users.

The right part of a video should be easier to navigate with another feature. On desktop and mobile, you'll be able to drag your mouse up or down to view a row of thumbnail images. If you want to rewatch a step while you watch a video, you should use this.

YouTube ambient mode

The background color of the app can be changed to match the video. This is a subtle effect that uses dynamic color sampling to draw users' eyes into videos and place more focus on the content.

Ambient mode will be available. Ambient mode can be seen on web and mobile watch pages if you have a dark theme. Dark mode will be even darker on the web, mobile and smart TVs.

YouTube ambient mode for playlists

In other places, the links in video descriptions will be shown as buttons. Common actions such as sharing and download have been reworked by the service. The subscribe button will have a new look and will be pill-shaped. The high-contrast redesign will make the button stand out more on watch pages and channel pages.

These changes are going to be rolled out today. Within the next few weeks, they should be live.

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