Bryce Harper sends Phillies to World Series with late 2-run HR (0:29)

ThePhillies go up in the 8th on a two-run dinger by BryceHarper There is a 0:29

6:54 AM AST

After hitting the most important home run of his life, a two-run blast that won the Philadelphia Phillies the National League Championship Series, he was surrounded by his teammates as beer and champagne soaked them.

He told his teammates to give him all of it. Beer poured down on him as he requested.

The fact that he manufactured the moment that sent his team to the World Series was also fitting. He has been the face of the franchise since he committed to the city 13 years ago.

Harper has always embraced his new home despite the times when he might have doubts about his decision to leave Washington for Philadelphia as a free agent. The Washington Nationals won the World Series. During the first four years of the franchise's existence, Philadelphia changed GMs and managers more than once, including when Rob Thomson took over.

After the game, he said he didn't like looking back. Looking forward and moving forward is something I enjoy. What have you done for me recently?

He always believed that the organization would always put winning ahead of everything else.

The owner and star met on the field after the homerun. The hug lasted longer than the flight of the ball. The question was if the embrace meant something.

He said that it did, and that there were mutual promises of being committed to winning and doing whatever it took to do it. That was done by him.

The home run that sent Philadelphia back to the World Series for the first time since 2009, as well as the free agent deals that brought in Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos -- both of whom had front-row views ofHarper's blast, were justified by the home run that sent Schwarber said in a beer-drenched locker room that it looked like he was going to die. He is nasty.

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Castellanos thought that the celebration was different whenHarper hit a walk-off home run against the Cubs.

Castellanos said that the way he ran was crazy and energetic. He was the most calm in the stadium. I think he has grown a lot.

I learned a lot from watching him last night. He was able to immerse himself in the moment and stay calm. Those words should be used.

When Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber signed with Philadelphia within a few days of each other, the goal was to give him some thump in the lineup.

Castellanos has been looking for the winning team since he was drafted by Detroit. He has enjoyed three champagne celebrations this month after a decade without a playoff series win.

Castellanos said that they both wanted to win so bad. That's something we have in common.

They are going to the World Series. Their journey to the Fall Classic was covered by us.

The Phils won the NLCS.

The season was saved by Philadelphia.

It was inevitable that a confrontation would take place.

Winning has never been a problem for Schwarber. He has done it all his life. Schwarber has appeared in six league championship series for three different teams. He was hurt for the only time in his career when the Cubs won the World Series.

He said that it was cool. It's been great to be with them the entire year. I was down for the entire year in Chicago.

This was the first time in the long history of the position player for the longest tenured player. If not forHarper's heroics, Hoskins might have been named the most valuable player in the series, but he couldn't bring himself to care about that.

"It's a dream," he said after the game. The organization believed in me and gave me an opportunity to make a difference in Philadelphia.

After years of frustration, the organization was serious about winning whenHarper arrived. Before this season, Hoskins had never played in a playoff game and had to listen to stories of glory from the past. Every time he looked up at the video board, he saw another member of the 2008 World Series-winning squad, as well as Ryan Howard, Werth and Victorino.

OnceHarper arrived, the dream of joining those former players as champion became a reality. The big play that got him there was delivered byHarper.

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