The two teen siblings in Texas escaped from handcuffs at their home this week when one of them found the key in his mother's purse and hid it in his mouth until it was safe to flee.

The twins said they were handcuffed in the laundry room. According to court documents, the boy who found the key said they waited until their mother and her boyfriend were asleep to escape.

Teenage twins allegedly escaped abusive conditions at this home in Cypress, Texas. (KPRC)
Teenage twins allegedly escaped abusive conditions at this home in Cypress, Texas. (KPRC)

The teens ran away from the home in Cypress where they were called to by the sheriff's office. The records said Tuesday.

The twins were partially clothed and were covered with injuries. The siblings told the court that they were hungry.

According to the documents, the teens had faced months of abuse from their mother and her boyfriend.

The teens were subjected to abuse that included being forced to drink bleach or have an oven cleaner sprayed in their mouths if they talked too much, as well as having bleach poured on their genitals. According to court records, the teens were beaten with extension cords.

There is probable cause for Duncan to be charged with two counts of assault with a previous conviction.

According to the court records, there could be a charge of continuous violence against the family.

It took the office hours to figure out which home the teens fled from because the siblings only recently moved there. When they got to the house, they were gone. Five more of Duncan's children were issued an amber alert.

The couple was taken into custody during a traffic stop in the Baton Rouge area and charged with fugitives out of Harris County.

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State police said there was a child in the car. Police said that five other children who were dropped off at a relative's house were identified and accounted for.

The brother may have gone missing with the couple. His location was not known. The 18-year-old brother of the fifth person dropped at the house was not sure if he was the fifth person.

The children were taken to Louisiana. Louisiana child welfare officials did not respond. The child welfare authorities in Texas did not reply to the request.

It was not known Friday if the two men had retained attorneys.

The spokesman for Harris County Precinct 5 said on Friday that a couple was in jail in Louisiana and were going to be extradited to Texas to face charges.

The two men appeared before a judge in Louisiana and are currently being held without bond.

According to the documents from Harris County, the twin girl had an injury that included a fractured eye and her hands were swollen. The twin boy fractured his arm from an older injury.

The court documents said that they were fed between one to three times a week. They had to drink water from the water supply valve for the washing machine.

The teens were made to drink urine and eat feces.

The teens said they don't remember when they last showered, and only had access to a "mop bucket containing dirty water and when they needed to use the restroom, they would have to urinate/defecate on themselves"

The 19th Judicial District Court of East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana found Duncan guilty of child desertion and sentenced him to two years in prison.

The article was first published on NBC News.