Taylor Swift is our modern-day Shakespeare. "Sad, Beautiful, Tragic" and "Casually cruel" are just a few of the phrases she uses. We can always depend on her for poignant lyrics that only Swift can write. Her signature style is her ability to articulate the overlooked aspects of daily life and interior thoughts of a young person.

These intimate moments can be found in midnights. The peppy, not-too-serious "glitter gel pen" songs are one of Swift's three song categories.

Some of them are just so Taylor. Her strong suits include self-referential lyrics, lyrics that mention a color or time of day, and lyrics that mention New York.

There are some quintessentially Taylor lyrics.

"And I lost you. The one I was dancing with in New York. No shoes." - "Maroon"

There is a New York mention and an allusion to dancing with your beloved in this line. The very Swiftian detail of "no shoes" was mentioned.

"I picked the petals. He loves me not. Something different bloomed, writing in my room." - "You're On Your Own, Kid"

This is one of the lyrics that is in the running for the top line. She wrote a three-line summary of her career and an homage to her origin story.

"My boy was a montage — a slow-motion, love potion." - "Midnight Rain"

This is included in the Taylor Swift Hall of Fame as metaphors for the men she loves.

"'Cause I don’t remember who I was before you painted all my nights a color I’ve searched for." - "Question...?"

Swift is fond of using colors and painting as metaphors to portray the shift in her view of the world.

"Draw the cat eye, sharp enough to kill a man." - "Vigilante Shit"

Taylor's go-to make-up style is reflected in the opening lines of "vigilante shit". It's implied that the red lipstick is red.

"So put me in the basement, when I want the penthouse of your heart." - "Bejeweled"

Swift's music always refers to domestic bliss and conflict. Is there a better way to make a plea for love directed at your partner? The Swift line won an award.

"Karma is a cat, purring in my lap ‘cause it loves me." - "Karma"

The three of them know this very well. Swift is going to remind us that she is a cat lady.

"Spider boy, king of thieves, weave your little webs of opacity.” - "Karma"

It's making people feel bad. "King of My Heart" is how it is being given. It's giving a novel. Swift is getting at its best with it.

"I’m only cryptic and Machiavellian 'cause I care." - "Mastermind"

The "quill pen" song combines her love for obscure vocabulary and playfully winking at the audience.

"Sip quiet by my side in the shade. And not the kind that’s thrown, I mean, the kind under where a tree has grown." - "Paris"

The song is a combination of Taylor's earlier lyrics about the cultural definition of "shade" and romantic plant language.