The judge overseeing the trial for the man accused of killing six and wounding dozens in a Christmas parade said Friday that he was frightening her.

DarrellBrooks Jr., 40, slammed the table with his fists and became silent while fixing Judge Dorow with an unblinking stare after she said his accusations the state had coached his own witnesses had absolutely no basis in fact.

The man is staring at me. It is very rude. The man hit his fist. The jury was out of the room on Friday and the judge called for a break in the proceedings.

Prosecutors have characterized the trial as an attempt to "stall, delay, disrupt, intimidate" because of the constant disruptions and outbursts by the defense.

There are six counts of first-degree intentional homicide, 61 counts of recklessly endangering safety, six counts of hit-and-run causing death, two counts of bail jumping, and two counts of criminal damage to property.

The latest move by the judge to control daily disruptions from the man was to remove him to another courtroom. The main courtroom was reopened after some breaks.

The witnesses Friday included his ex-girlfriend. He questioned the testimony of his witnesses.

The statements Dorow said were baseless were made by several of the witnesses.

It seems to me that a lot of your answers are coached, that's what he said at one point.

The state objected that he was badgering the witness and that it seemed like he was recalling what he wanted to remember.

The judge told the man not to badger his witnesses. Dorow said, "by eye rolling, by pursing your lips, by making facial movements about her answers is badgering the witness."

You can't be serious right now. Are you a judge?

After Dorow stopped questioning and excused the jury for the day, he continued to raise his voice and say the court had no integrity. The man was removed from the room.

The prosecution rested its case Thursday after a week and a half of testimony from parade participants and attendees who saw the SUV barrel over people.

His mother will be his final witness in his defense on Monday.

Bruce Vielmetti andQuinn Clark are contributors.

The judge in the DarrellBrooks parade trial said she was scared after he yelled.