Some women are using financial domination, or findom, to make money as a side hustle.

The pay pigs get a thrill out of psychological tussles with women who practice findom. A pay pig is told by a findomme to send them money in exchange for being humiliated.

I wonder what it would be like to be a findomme for a night.

There was a pay pig in my social media accounts. They asked if they could send you some money.

I asked if this was apathetic attempt to be my pay pig.

I had interviewed a findomme about how they turned their work into a side-hustle.

I wanted to push the boundaries, so I demanded he send £100 to my account on the Cash App, which is a payment platform used by findommes.

The pay pig sent me less than I needed.

I told him that if he wanted the privilege of responding to a loser like him, he would have to pay tribute to me.

He asked what would happen if he didn't pay the full amount.

I hit the button after he failed to comply.

He transferred the balance of my tribute fee within 10 minutes.

Insider paid back the tribute fee in full, and the individual agreed to be interviewed anonymous for this article, knowing the true identity of the author and the fact their comments would be published.

A 47-year-old man was identified by the individual. He didn't want to be known because his wife didn't know about his sexual preferences.

He likes how easy it is for a findomme to take his money. He said that he got a thrill from the way that you used mind games to make him do it.

He said that before he got married, he spent thousands of pounds a year on the sex game, but now only plays it occasionally.

He said that he's never emptied his bank account. I've restrained myself from overspending, but sadly many don't.

"Findom is a potentially dangerous addiction and many so-called findommes don't seem to care or respect that," he stated.

He told me that he was a little down because he was going to save for a dominatrix.

I said thank you for his time and we parted ways.

I can see why women would want to turn finding a job into a side-hustle. I felt bad for my pay pig.