Think about booking a cruise with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. If you want to keep your cash outlay down, you should know that it is one of the few cruise brands where you can use points to pay for a trip.

One of the few cruise brands where you can earn points is it.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is a Marriott Bonvoy member.

Marriott Bonvoy members can earn and redeem points on The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruises as well as receive elite status perks on voyages. Ritz-Carlton properties don't offer the same range of benefits for elite members as other Marriott-associated labels do, so this is good news.

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The earning and redemption rates for Bonvoy members booking The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruises are not the same as they are for Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotel stays. Everything you need to know can be found below.

Earning Marriott points and elite status on The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Marriott Bonvoy members earn 5 points for every dollar spent on cruise fares. Points can be earned on hotel packages at Marriott Bonvoy hotels.

The elite members do not earn their usual points bonuses for spending on extraneous items. Everyone gets 5 points for every dollar.

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The points per dollar are not great. Most Marriott hotels offer 10 points per dollar spent on stays, which includes restaurant tabs and spa bills.

Members of Marriott's long-term stay brands typically earn 5 points per dollar.

The Observation Lounge on Evrima. THE RITZ-CARLTON YACHT COLLECTION

Marriott co branded credit card holders earn the same points bonuses when booking a The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruise that they do on eligible purchases at Marriott hotels.

If you have a Marriott credit card, you can accumulate points on The RItz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruises.

This could really boost your earnings because of the high fares for The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.

Bonvoy members who book a The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruise will get one elite night credit per night on the ship. The Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite status requires a certain amount of spending each year.

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Redeeming Marriott Bonvoy points on The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Points can be used to pay for The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruises. There are no sweet spots when it comes to points. You don't need a lot of points to cover the whole trip.

A minimum of 180,000 points can be redeemed for a flat $1,000 savings on the cruise fare. You can redeem up to the entire cruise fare after that. You have to call to make a booking.

It's quite a lot of points. If you booked the cheapest sailing on The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, with a fare of $4,600 per person, you would need more than 800,000 points to cover the full cost of the trip. It's per person. It's the cheapest room on the ship.


The top cabins on long sailings can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You would need at least 5.4 million points to book one completely. On a per- person basis.

This redemption rate equates to 0.55 cents per Marriott point, which is less than the valuation of 0.84 cents per point, but the same as when you redeem for vacation homes through Marriott.

You can redeem points for cruise bookings through Marriott. In that case, redemptions start at 63,000 points for a $250 credit, yielding an even lower 0.4 cents per point in value, so the luxury cruiser will do better than that.

Points and miles are used to book cruises.

Elite recognition

Bonvoy elite members will still receive special perks on their voyages even if they don't earn bonus points. Since the cruises are all-inclusive, the benefits are different than what hotels offer.

The benefits are broken down into status levels. The benefits will be applicable to the elite member and any companions who stay in the same suite.

Marriott Bonvoy Silver EliteMarriott Bonvoy Gold EliteMarriott Bonvoy Platinum EliteMarriott Bonvoy Titanium EliteMarriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite
Private invitation to Marriott Bonvoy elite reception
Choice of in-suite welcome gift (varies by status level)
Complimentary first evening laundry pressing
Priority boarding and departure
Early access to S.E.A. specialty restaurant reservations
Complimentary laundry throughout the cruise

Marriott has come up with a way to reward its elite members on The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruises with perks such as early restaurant reservations and complimentary laundry. It would have been better if Ambassador Elites were included in the suite upgrade package.

Bottom line

The earning and redemption rates for The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruises might seem a bit lackluster compared to the Marriott Bonvoy program. The brand is participating in the program.

Marriott Bonvoy members can earn points on voyages and redeem them for savings at a low rate. There are benefits to being an elite member.

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