It's important to consider all the amenities when selecting a vacation rental. There is a feeling of dread, or sounds of creaking and wailing that can't be explained by the Vrbo listings.

These listings will make you happy if you enjoy the thrill of ghost stories. You should consider yourself warned.

1. A house haunted by friendly ghosts

interior shot of Stroud house Airbnb

These Airbnb hosts are happy to cohabitate with their friendly ghosts. Credit: David Bissette

There is a house in North Carolina that is haunted.

Several friends, family, and guests have experienced supernatural events here, including footsteps in the hallway or upstairs, a door opening after being closed, a shadowy figure in the kitchen and dining room, and even glowing orbs in the living room.

The ghosts are benevolent.

The incidents have never been malicious. We accept that it is what it is and move on.

2. A gothic Midwestern manor

Exterior of listing with a Doberman in the foreground

The Doberman may look threatening, but is apparently very friendly. Credit: Trey Fortner

Minnesota doesn't scream medieval, but this listing may cause some guests to scream.

Private rooms can be rented for $90 a night in this mini castle. According to the manor's listing, the host's pet can be rented out for photo shoots and other events.

3. An Edwardian nightmare

Interior of haunted bedroom at Talliston

Go back to the dark ages in this medieval-themed room. Credit: Gavin Conlan / Talliston House & Gardens

Talliston House and Gardens has a haunted bedroom.

The room is decorated with ornate wood panelling, heavy drapes, low lighting, and a bed that fits Henry VIII. If you want to escape the dark ages, you can go to the Victorian living room or the New Orleans kitchen, which have their own themes.

4. The Madness Chamber

Interior of the Chamber Apartment

After 600 years, this place must haunted by more than one ghost. Credit: Ian Loftus

The Madness Chamber is over 600 years old, according to the description.

If the wood-paneled walls of this ancient lodging could talk, they would definitely have some spooky stories to tell.

5. The Hocus Pocus house

Exterior of the Hocus Pocus house

You don't have to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle to rent this house. Credit: Helynn Ospina

You can live like a witch in a Massachusetts listing.

You can brew up some magic, conjure a spell or two, and then jump on your broomstick to wreak havoc in Salem. This house was not built with modern conveniences in mind. A modern outhouse is close by.

6. A listing in the heart of the Salem Witch Trials

Interior of the Warlock House

This listing went all in on Salem's witchy legacy. Credit: VRBO / Liann DiMare

The "Warlock House" leans into the history of Salem as the site of the Salem witch trials.

There is a witches' altar, a crystal ball, and a ouija board in the house. It's perfect for hosting a seance.

7. A cabin in a Texas ghost town

Exterior of cabin in Terlingua Texas

Spend the night with a whole town of ghosts. Credit: VRBO / Janet Eby

You will be able to raise a haunted town with this listing.

The mercury-mining town of Terlingua, Texas had a hotel, a school, and a store. The mercury market crashed, the mine was closed, and Terlingua was abandoned. There are ghosts from the town's pioneer past, which is why it is still intact in time.

8. A log cabin frequented by a weeping ghost

Interior of the living room of a log cabin

You might meet "Nancy the Ghost" and even LBJ. Credit: VRBO / Scott Zwiers

There is a cabin in North Carolina that is haunted. Who can tell if it's just the creaking floors of the mountain dwelling?

Lyndon B Johnson was one of the most famous guests. He was alive when he was there, but one wonders if he ever goes back.